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Mount Sinai Hospital NICU Photo by Robert Caplin

Music Therapy

Mount Sinai Hospital NICU Photo by Robert Caplin
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
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Make a difference with your musical talent. In the Music Therapy bachelor course you will learn how to use music to connect with people and help them with their challenges. As an accomplished therapist and musician, you contribute to the health of various target groups.

Music Therapy

In brief

  • Unique in the Netherlands: music therapy at an academy of music. After this course, you will be a therapist and a musician
  • An authority in the field of Neurologic Music Therapy. You can only follow this specialisation with us
  • Ready for the future: learn with us how to use music technology in therapy
  • Right from the first year, practical assignments and internships, with intensive supervision from the course
  • You will be taught by experienced lecturers with a great deal of expertise, who also work in the field.
  • Since 2011 Music Therapy has been a top course according to the Higher Professional Education Guide

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Use your musical talent for the benefit of others

You have a passion for music and you have mastered your instrument well. You already know that you can evoke something with music. in yourself and in the other. Music brings people in touch with their feelings. That is why music is such a powerful tool to use for therapy. We challenge you to investigate and explore how your knowledge and skills can contribute to the development and health of people, groups and organisations.

Solid musical basis

A solid musical basis is essential for a music therapist. Because if you make music virtually on automatic pilot, you can focus your attention optimally on the contact with your client. That is why you follow the Music Therapy course at ArtEZ at the academy of music. Thanks to the extensive attention paid to your musical skills, you will know how, why and when to use music best. As music therapy is always tailor-made, your flexibility as a trained musician comes in handy.

Making a difference

As a music therapist who has graduated from ArtEZ, you know exactly how to use music for the development of people, for treatment, for guidance or for prevention. You feel comfortable and flexible in your skills and knowledge. This makes you feel confident in your contact with clients and allows you to make a real difference.