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Calculation of tuition fees

With the tuition fee calculator, you can easily calculate the tuition fee you will have to pay for your programme.

Please note: discount on tuition in academic year 2021-2022
Because of the corona crisis, the government drew up the National Education Programme in order to offer students prospects. One of the measures in this programme is a reduction in the statutory tuition for the 2021-2022 academic year. ArtEZ has decided to give the students who pay the institutional tuition fee a discount as well. This discount applies to the 2021-2022 academic year. The discounts are calculated in the tuition fee calculator.

Tuition fee calculator 2021-2022

No rights can be derived from the information and rates given in the tuition fees calculator

Do you have a EU/EEA nationality?



Do you have questions about the consequence of Brexit on your tuition fee? Please contact the Student Affairs department via studentaffairs@artez.nl.

Halving the tuition fees for first-year students and students of a teacher education course

The Dutch government halves tuition fees for first-year students in higher education. Students taking initial teacher education courses are eligible for an extra year reduction of the fee. More information and conditions: www.government.nl.