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Opening Graduation Bouwkunst
Opening Graduation Bouwkunst Opening Graduation Bouwkunst

ArtEZ Academy of Architecture

Opening Graduation Bouwkunst

The Academy of Architecture comprises the Master of Architecture in Arnhem. The Academy of Architecture was recognised as an independent educational institute by the government in 1949. The basic idea of the course already existed at that time: people working at an architect's firm could take additional training to become an architect. Working and learning at the same time, as is still the case in the Master of Architecture course.

ArtEZ Academy of Architecture

Part of an art academy

In 1965 the course was renamed the Academy of Architecture by government decree – one of six in the Netherlands. Two decades later, in 1988, the Academy became the merger partner of the new Arnhem University of the Arts (HKA). As part of it, the Academy moved into the Rietveld building on the Rhine, designed by former lecturer Gerrit Rietveld. In 2002 the Academy of Architecture continued as a faculty of ArtEZ University of the Arts.

Visual Design

The curriculum always pays attention to visual design. Representatives of the so-called 'Arnhem School' (such as Bas Maters, Peter Struiken, Wim Korvinus) have in the past influenced the visual character of education. In the current era of increasing digitalisation, the Academy keeps visual education in its curriculum.


Overview, contact information and directions for all ArtEZ institutes in Arnhem 

Institute of Architecture Director
Ko Jacobs