After arrival

Registration at the City Hall

You are obliged by Dutch law to register at the City Hall of the city you live in.
Together with your registration at the City Hall, you can apply for a BSN-number (social security number). You will need this number if you would like to work in The Netherlands. Also you will need this number to complete the application for a Dutch bank account.

Required documents:

  • Passport
  • Legalized and translated birth certificate
  • Statement of enrolment at ArtEZ
  • Your rental contract
  • Confirmation letter from the IND that the student applied for the residence permit

Collect your residence permit (if applicable)

If you have arrived in the Netherlands with your entry visa (mvv) the ArtEZ Student Affairs Department will keep you informed about your residence permit and when you can pick it up.

If you did not need an entry visa, but you have applied for a residence permit (vvr), you have to go to an IND office within two weeks after arriving in the Netherlands. You don’t need an appointment to go there, just go to the immigration desk with your passport, hand in a passport photo and have your fingerprints and signature taken. Within a few weeks the IND sends a letter to the Student Affairs stating that your residence permit is ready to be picked up.

Take a Tuberculosis test (if applicable)

In order to obtain a residence permit, depending on your country of origin, you might have undergo a tuberculosis (TB) test and - if necessary - treatment.

Should it become clear after the issue of a residence permit that - despite signing the declaration of intent - you failed to undergo a TB test within the period of three months, this may result in a cancellation of the permit that was granted!

You can take the test at the GGD (public health department) in the city of your choice. More information about this in the information brochure you will receive after acceptance at ArtEZ.

You will find all the information in our brochures: