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Application and admission

If you wish to be admitted to a bachelor, master or associate degree course, you must first register via Studielink, the online enrolment system for higher education. You can register from 1 October.

  • Check the admission requirements for the course of your choice on the webpage of the course at artez.nl. For some courses, early applications are required. For other courses, applications will still be accepted after 1 May.
  • If you are a student from outside the European Union, you should register as early as possible so that after you're admitted you have sufficient time to apply for a visa and residence permit. The deadline for submitting the required documents for your visa and residence permit is 31 May.

1. Register

To apply for admission to an ArtEZ degree course, you must register via Studielink. To do so, you need to create an account.

  • Do you live in the Netherlands?
    If you live in the Netherlands, you can create a Studielink account using your DigiD. If you don't have a DigiD yet, you can apply for one on www.digid.nl. This may take up to five working days. Read here how to create a Studielink account.
  • Not living in the Netherlands (yet)?
    If you don't live in the Netherlands (yet), you will have to upload a copy of your proof of identity in order to create a Studielink account. Read here how to create a Studielink account

Register with Studielink now

2. Applying for admission

After you have registered in Studielink, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from ArtEZ with your student number. The course will provide you with more information about the admission procedure. After your audition, entrance exam or admission interview, we will notify you by e-mail whether you have been admitted or not. 

For detailed information about admission, select Admission in the menu of the course of your choice.

3. Enrolment following admission

Have you been admitted? Then make sure that you meet all enrolment conditions by 31 August at the latest. We advise you to have everything in order well before the deadline, so that you don't miss this deadline in case of any questions. If you fail to meet the enrolment conditions on time, you won't be able to start with your course.

Enrolment conditions

  • To be able to start your course, proof must be provided in the form of a diploma at the required level. Eligibility for a bachelor or associate degree course requires that you have successfully completed your training in senior general secondary education (havo), pre-university education (vwo) or senior secondary vocational education, level 4 (mbo-4). For a master course, the minimum requirement is a bachelor degree.
    If you have a Dutch diploma, DUO will check your prior training. If DUO is unable to verify your previous educational details, you will receive an e-mail with the request to send a copy of your diploma and grade transcript to the Student Affairs Department.

    Don't have a Dutch diploma?

    If you don't have a Dutch diploma, please send us a copy of your original diploma and grade transcript. If your diploma is not in Dutch, English or German, you must, in addition to a copy of the original diploma, also provide a certified translation in Dutch or English.

    Cannot comply with the preliminary education requirement for a bachelor degree course or associate degree course? 

    If you do not meet the legal preliminary education requirement, you may be eligible for the colloquium doctum (21+ special entrance examination). One of the conditions is that you must be 21 years of age or older on 1 September at the time you embark on your course. This option applies only to admission to a bachelor or associate degree course.

    The colloquium doctum (21+ test) is administered by Aob Compaz. There are costs associated with the test. We therefore recommend that you take the test after you have received an e-mail stating that you have passed your entrance exam or audition.
    Below you will find more information about the colloquium doctum (21+ test):

  • In most cases your personal details are verified by Studielink through the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). If you are not registered in the BRP, verification will take place based on your identity document. This can be done centrally via Studielink. If Studielink is unable to verify your identity, you will receive an e-mail with the request to send a copy of your ID or passport to the Student Affairs Department.

  • Go to the language requirements to check the requirements which apply to your course. If you are required to send a copy of your language certificate to the Student Affairs Department, please make sure this copy is received no later than 31 August.

  • If you need a residence permit, you must hand in all documents no later than 31 May. Please contact the Student Affairs Department if you have any questions.If you already have a valid residence permit, please make sure that a copy of your permit is in our possession by 31 August at the latest.

  • To complete your enrolment, your tuition fees must be paid before 31 August. There are several ways to pay your tuition fees. Please select your preferred method in Studielink. Read more here about paying tuition fees.

    Here’s a tip: you can check your payable tuition fees yourself using the Tuition Fee Calculator.

Studying with an impediment

Are you going to study at ArtEZ and do you have a study impediment? It’s important to inform the student counsellor as soon as possible about this.