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Language requirements Dutch-language master course

You applied for a Dutch-language master course.

Language requirement

  • a certificate for all four parts of the State Exam Dutch as a Second Language (Nt2) programme II
  • a CNaVT certificate “Educatief Startbekwaam (STRT) – B2”

The Student Affairs Department will ask you to upload one of the above mentioned certificates to meet the language requirement. Any other type of certificates will not be accepted.

You can also meet this language requirement if:

You meet this language requirement if:

  • Dutch is your mother tongue and Dutch is the national language of the country where you completed your secondary education, or
  • you have attended and obtained a bachelor degree in a Dutch-language course.

When do you have to submit your language certificate?

As soon as we have received your application via Studielink, the Student Affairs Department will ask you to provide proof to show you meet the language requirements. Submit the information as early as possible in order to gain timely assurance about your registration. Please note: the language certificate must be received by the Student Affairs Department by 31 August at the latest. If you need a residence permit to study at ArtEZ, the deadline is earlier, namely 31 MayPlease take into account the time required for the publication of the results. This is often longer than stated, especially in busy periods!

Where can you find more information about State Exam (Nt2) and the CNaVT exams?

For more information about the State Exam (Nt2), you can visit Staatsexamens Nt2For the exam dates, please check Examenrooster. The website Study in Holland gives an overview of institutions offering Nt2 courses. You can find more information about the CNaVT exams on the CNaVT website.

At most language testing centers, it is possible to do a modified test (for example related to visual impairment or dyslexia) by requesting this when planning your test. Make sure you do this in time, because there is often less availability for these tests.