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ArtEZ Press

ArtEZ Press is ArtEZ’s publishing house and has published more than 50 titles.

Recent publications from ArtEZ Press
Image from the publication: Een vierkantje laten lachen (Making a Square Smile)

The books published by ArtEZ Press help stimulate research and theory development in the various art education disciplines. The publications offer the opportunity to demonstrate existing knowledge and skills in art, culture, and education. Some books may serve as teaching material, both nationally and internationally. In addition, the publications by ArtEZ Press are intended for anyone interested in art and culture.

ArtEZ Press stands for quality, both in terms of content and design. The books ArtEZ Press published possess a look and feel that complements ArtEZ. The publications may be the result of a production, a research project, or collaborative projects with other institutions. ArtEZ Press can also provide publications for third parties with whom ArtEZ wishes to have its name connected.

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