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ArtEZ Press

ArtEZ Press is ArtEZ’s publishing house and has published more than 90 titles.

Recent publications from ArtEZ Press
Image: 'Kunst en de zin van het bestaan' by Onno Zijlstra (photo by Medea Huisman).

Driving change, shifting perspectives and emphasising the power of the arts.

Our philosophy is that every publication of ArtEZ Press should be of value to the arts and society. Our publications drive change and innovation, offer new perspectives and show the power of the arts. They are an inspiring source of knowledge for students, teachers, artists, researchers and anyone interested in art, culture and education. Our publications stimulate diversity and richness in theory and practice.

ArtEZ Press is the publishing house attached to ArtEZ University of the Arts. Founded in 2005, we publish high quality books, in terms of both content and design. The unique design reinforces the content, and vice versa. The carefully curated collection that ArtEZ Press has built up throughout the years represents the rich disciplines from the art education of ArtEZ; architecture, visual arts, dance, interior design, art education, fashion, music and music therapy, product design, theatre, design and theory of art.

Authors at ArtEZ Press become a part of our (international) platform of authors, artists, designers and researchers. Publishing at ArtEZ Press means commitment to quality books, due to the time and attention paid in the editing and design process. Publishing at ArtEZ Press also means entering into a partnership that is dedicated to make an impact in the field of research and interventions in arts and education. The publications may be the result of a production, a research project, or collaborative projects with other institutions. The books may serve as teaching material, both nationally and internationally. ArtEZ Press can also provide publications for third parties with whom ArtEZ wishes to have its name connected.

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Questions about ArtEZ's research? Feel free to email info@artez.nl, or visit artez.nl/en/contact. Here you will find an up-to-date overview of the most frequently asked questions, contact details and locations.

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