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ArtEZ Business Centre

Your career is not your work; your career supports your work

ArtEZ wants to prepare students sufficiently for a professional life. That is why the ArtEZ Business Centre (ABC) focuses on cultural entrepreneurship and helping both students and alums on their way. We collect and research current developments and professional knowledge around arts entrepreneurship and sustain networks that matter.

ArtEZ Business Centre for students

The ABC already helps students during their studies. ABC is a sparring partner who can help you find solutions using our extensive network.

Read more about ABC for students

ArtEZ Business Centre for alums

Even after their studies, students can count on support from the ABC. The ABC informs and helps you set up and develop your professional practice.

ArtEZ Business Centre for the courses

ABC supports the ArtEZ courses in entrepreneurship with various projects. With our Community Cultural Entrepreneurship, the knowledge and experience of tutors are shared and enriched.

Read more about our projects and the role of the Cultural Entrepreneurship Community

*Quote from Making Your Life as an Artist by Andrew Simonet