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ArtEZ Business Centre

Your career is not your work; your career supports your work

  • All our pages and topics can be found in the ArtEZ menu under ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

The ArtEZ Business Centre collects, studies, and shares knowledge about entrepreneurship within the arts. We help give ambitions and craftsmanship a professional face within the cultural field, and we contribute to developing skills for entrepreneurship. 

You are busy setting up a professional practice and exploring the work field during and after your studies. To enable you to make a successful start in this, we provide consultations and coaching, share business information, and give training and workshops. Examples are the Starters program ArtEZ, the Startup program Orion and the associated vouchers and loans.

We believe it is essential to continue to follow you after you have completed your studies. With podcasts, publications, and our bloggers: home bloggers and entrepreneurs of the month, we share inspiring stories & their recent experiences. New information about current developments, such as the trade unions' activities, new initiatives, tips & tricks, promotions, financing, subsidies, stories, opinion pieces, and inspiration, can be found on our social media. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook

For starters, plenty of information is available online. We filtered what may be of interest to you after your graduation. We divided the info into useful knowledge and information, professional organizations, and business questions in corona time.  
To share knowledge and experience of entrepreneurship in art education, we established a community of cultural entrepreneurship within ArtEZ. With this, we support the courses by giving workshops and sharing advice and knowledge. We also research the state of activities of this education at ArtEZ. 
The ArtEZ Business Centre is the steppingstone to various local and regional networks from which students and alumni can benefit. We mediate incoming commissions between alumni, government, and industry. 

*Quote from Making Your Life as an Artist by Andrew Simonet