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At the Music Therapy course, you will be taught by experienced lecturers with a great deal of expertise, who also work in the field. On this page they present themselves.


Sebastian  Altekamp

Sebastian Altekamp

Teacher Piano (Piano Group, Piano (MIE/MTP), Jazz Minor)
Graduated jazz pianist since 1992, performing on stages through Europe since 1989 with original projects; worked with a.o. Lydia van Dam, Deborah Brown and Adrienne West

Monique van Bruggen-Rufi

Monique van Bruggen-Rufi

Teacher Guitar Accompaniment Music Therapy, Professionalisation and Research
She's a music therapist, teacher and researcher and found the perfect trinity in her work with that

Tom  Grondman

Tom Grondman

Dr. Laurien  Hakvoort

Dr. Laurien Hakvoort

Merel  Hogenelst

Merel Hogenelst

Teacher Health Theory and Orthopedagogy
Worked in youth aid and education, worked with children who were seperated from their parental home, family's with domestic violence and people with developmental- and behaviour problems

Ward  Meijer

Ward Meijer

Teacher Music Theory, Composition and Improvisation Analysis
Guitarist in Bands, studied Music in Education and later Masters in Classical Education and Composition with Alex Manassen in Zwollle.

Rebecca  Nagel

Rebecca Nagel

Teacher Entrepreneurship / Legal Adviser
Bachelor of music and bachelor of laws, author of the book 'Musiconomie', teacher and adviser entrepreneurship since 11 years at ArtEZ

Elwin  Rumplmair

Elwin Rumplmair

Teacher / Coach Visual Communication, Concept development, Social Media & Marketing

Martine  Thijs -de Vries

Martine Thijs -de Vries

Teacher Vocals
Graduated in 2006 at the ArtEZ Popacademy, has her own vocal school, worked as a singer together with a.o. Karin Bloemen, Marlayne Sahupala and Berget Lewis, takes a course to become a child coach

Annemiek  Vink

Annemiek Vink

Teacher Music Therapy Theory
Connected to the ArtEZ professorship Music Based Therapies and Interventions (specialisation: music psychology, music therapy and dementia), member of participation council ArtEZ

Uli  Wentzlaff-Eggebert

Uli Wentzlaff-Eggebert

Carola  Werger

Carola Werger

Head Music Therapy