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Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Department will help you with anything you may need to organise your studies and advises you on registration and enrolment, visas and insurance.

Study at ArtEZ

You can contact the Student Affairs Department about anything you need to sort out to do with your studies – for questions about applying and enrolling via Studielink, about the tuition fee or the language requirements. Foreign students who want to study at ArtEZ can also obtain information about visas, the financial guarantee and insurance from Student Affairs. Student Affairs can also give you more information about the ArtEZ Scholarship and the NL Scholarship.

Studying abroad

Interested in studying abroad? Student Affairs is the place to get more information. For example if you have questions about exchanges or partner institutions. Or if you want to know more about the Erasmus+ scholarship for courses and internships within Europe, or the NL Scholarship for courses, internships and research outside Europe.

Contact Student Affairs

You can e-mail Student Affairs at studentaffairs@artez.nl. You can also call them. The department is reachable Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 12:00 on 026-3535650. For specific questions about courses and admission, please contact the educational support office of the course itself. You can find the relevant details under the courses.

Student counsellors

The student counsellors are also part of the Student Affairs Department. The student counsellors are available to discuss all kinds of matters relating to studying, study progress and personal issues with students and prospective students. The student counsellor is also the point of contact for more information about studying with a study impediment. This can be a functional limitation (such as a disability or chronic illness), but also other circumstances that hinder your studies (such as family circumstances or a pregnancy).

Contact Student counsellors

For contact details, go to Student counsellors | Study at ArtEZ.