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ArtEZ and Kunstbende join forces to show young creative talent the way

Kunstbende is the platform for everyone aged between 13 and 18. Via kunstbende.nl, every young maker aged between 13 and 18 inclusive can apply to join the KLUB: a community in which you discover, develop and share your creativity with others. Members can apply for the categories Dance, DJ, Expo, Fashion, Film, Influencer, Music, Language or Theatre and take part in various workshops and preparatory rounds. In April 2022, thousands of young people will present their work to a jury during the preparatory rounds in each province. The preparatory rounds can be viewed via a livestream on kunstbende.nl. The best acts will go onto the final during the Kunstbende Young Creators Festival.

ArtEZ is one of the main partners of Kunstbende. Our shared mission is to make art and culture accessible to all and to encourage young people to make the most of their artistic talent. Together we show young creative talent the way.

Foto Marcel Krijgsman
Foto Marcel Krijgsman

Together we fulfil artistic potential

ArtEZ has been one the main partners of Kunstbende since 2005. Our joint mission is to make art and culture accessible to everyone and to encourage young talent to fulfil their artistic potential. We have formulated a joint goal to inform, inspire and help young people navigate their way through the art and education in arts courses.

In recent years, the partnership has helped many Kunstbende finalists develop their talent via masterclasses at ArtEZ and in the finalists' weekend of Kunstbende. During the 2021 Kunstbende event Meet the Industry, teachers and students from ArtEZ shared experiences about studying at an art school.

In 2022, the focus will be on jointly showing creative young talent the way. This means that we will communicate jointly with our target groups in the framework of ArtEZ finals, Kunstbende preparatory rounds and workshops and ArtEZ open days, and that Kunstbende and students and staff at ArtEZ will talk to each other during Meet the Industry.


Familiar with the creative world

During the Kunstbende event Meet the Industry, young makers and people working in the creative industry met each other. 

Frederieke van Ierland - Foto: Dave van Hout

Second-year student Creative Writing Amara gave memorial performance

Second-year student Creative Writing, Amara van der Elst gave an impressive performance during the commemoration on the Dam. Amara van der Elst is 19 years old, a second-year student of Creative Writing, a former finalist of Kunstbende, but above all, a young spoken-word talent. On 4 May, Amara performed at the annual commemoration on Dam Square.

Tweedejaars-student Creative Writing Amara verzorgde herdenkingsoptreden

Kunstbende as a springboard for ArtEZ

Seb Friesema, a first-year student of the Moving Image study in Enschede, was declared the winner of the Kunstbende Overijssel competition in 2021. According to Seb, his win at Kunstbende and the film that won him the prize are the main reasons for why he was admitted the AKI ArtEZ Academy of Art and Design. 

From Kunstbende Gelderland to dancing around the world

In 2016, Romy won Kunstbende Gelderland in the Dance category. By doing so, against all expectations Romy reached the final of the national Kunstbende competition. She is currently working on her graduation performance for the Dance in Education bachelor course in Arnhem. How does she look back on her route from Kunstbende to ArtEZ? 

Kunstbende winner Milou is looking forward to studying at ArtEZ

Milou Laroussiyen is a first-year student at the BEAR Fine Art course in Arnhem. In July, Milou won Kunstbende 2022 - the platform for young creators aged 13-18 - in the category Expo. In the video below, you can see that she is very excited to start her study at ArtEZ. Let the energy splash of your screen!