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Staying in the Netherlands also means that you have to get good (health) insurance.

Preparatory course Dance, photo Marjolijn van Dijk
Preparatory course Dance, photo Marjolijn van Dijk

Healthcare insurance

The Netherlands has excellent healthcare but medical expenses can be very high without proper insurance. That’s why everyone living or staying in the Netherlands is obliged by Dutch law to have a healthcare insurance. Being uninsured means you’ll risk a huge fine. This means that it is mandatory for each individual student to have proper insurance.

EU students
Most students with a EU nationality (including Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) have a health insurance in their home country. If you wish to stay insured in your home country during your studies in the Netherlands, it is important to check the conditions with your insurance company. If your insurance company offers proper coverage in the Netherlands, it can provide you with an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Make sure to bring this with you, as you will need it when you go to see a doctor.

If your insurance does not offer proper coverage in the Netherlands, you can apply for a Dutch student insurance at our insurance partner Aon. Coverage includes medical expenses, liability and theft. If you want to apply for this insurance, you can do so directly through Aon’s website. This insurance is not valid if you are working!

Even if medical costs are covered by your home country insurance, we strongly recommend you to apply for an additional student package at Aon. This package covers extra medical costs, liability, home contents and baggage, accidents and legal aid. 

Check this video about the Aon Student Insurance.

Non-EU students
Non-European students at ArtEZ will receive Aon student insurance coverage for the 1st year (or a shorter period, if you are staying for less than a year). The fee for your insurance is included in your financial guarantee. You are responsible for renewing and paying the coverage after the expiration date. The Aon student insurance ‘ICS Complete+’ is an insurance package for international students. It covers medical costs (urgent dental help included), pre-existing conditions (for example, existing physical injuries and mental problems), repatriation, liability, home contents and baggage, accidents and legal aid. Please check the Aon website for more detailed information.

Check this video about the Aon student insurance.

Accident and liability insurance

If you cause an accident and someone is injured or if you damage someone's property, you are responsible for paying all the costs of the accident. You might, for example, break something in your rented room. Or, on a more serious note, you might cause a road accident. Accidents like these can be very expensive. You are therefore strongly advised to take out a good liability insurance policy, which will cover the costs in many cases.