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ArtEZ studium generale

ArtEZ studium generale is a catalyst for meaningful and radical ideas, projects and stories.

Do you want to develop yourself more broadly? Reflect on your role as an artist in the world, sharing thoughts, gaining new insights or being inspired? Then you are most welcome! ArtEZ studium generale organizes projects that take place next to regular education. In all her projects she examines different aspects of diversity. Take a look at the studium generale website for the current program. Here you will also find blogs, podcasts and videos of lectures, performances and interviews.
The activities of studium generale are open to everyone.

LAND: on climate, property and coexistence

A new and exciting (online) programme with essays, films, podcasts, workshops and lectures with Dutch and English components

How can we live otherwise on this Earth, now and in the future? It is not an option to be indifferent and let the situation take its course. There’s simply too much at stake. In collaboration with online art magazine Mister Motley, we explore existing alternatives to the current ways of living and their immediate and long-term consequences. We’ll bring together contributions from artists, thinkers and students about climate breakdown, property, colonialism, and the role of Indigenous knowledge and language in our understanding of nature. Land is the starting point of this ongoing research.

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Postbus 49, 6800 AA Arnhem
Telephone: 026 - 35 35 632
E-mail: studiumgenerale@artez.nl