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After graduation

After graduation

Most graduates are already working as music therapists after one year. You can work in health care institutions, youth care or rehabilitation centres. You can also work in education, as a coach in business or set up your own practice.

The demand for music therapists is rising rapidly. The positive effects of music therapy are in fact very visible, for example in the case of age-related diseases such as dementia or in the case of premature babies. Our alumni work in a variety of sectors and with many different target groups.

  • Alumna Anne-Greet Ravensberger was taken on as a music therapist after her fourth-year internship at the neonatology department (UMCG.)
  • Alumna Yesim Saltik now works as a music therapist in Turkey, where she provides training to elderly Turkish people. She is doing this on behalf of ArtEZ as part of the MIDDEL research project, in which music interventions for people with dementia in six countries are being investigated.
  • Alumna Charity Chin moved on to the Master of Music Therapy, where she is doing research on gamification in music therapy. She is also a coach in the TechLab of the Music Therapy course and works as a music therapist in psychiatry.

Continuing your studies?

You can also continue your studies after your bachelor. For example, the Music Therapy master course pays a lot of attention to the technological developments which you can learn more about in the master course. The specialisations during the master course also include community building and adaptive expertise. Do you want to work as a teacher? If so, you can follow the Music in Education bachelor course in two years at Enschede and Zwolle.

Title and diploma

After successfully completing the Music Therapy course, you may use the title Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy (BA). This course may be found in the Dutch Central Register of Courses in Higher Education (CROHO) under code 39206. The formal name of the course, under which it is known in CROHO, is Bachelor of Music Therapy. This CROHO name will appear on your diploma.