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Project image Let's talk about (artistic) research
Project image Let's talk about (artistic) research Project image Let's talk about (artistic) research

Theory in the Arts Professorship

Project image Let's talk about (artistic) research

The Theory in the Arts professorship investigates the role, nature and meaning of theory in contemporary art. Central are the ecology of the arts, the intriguing links between theory and practice, and the effects thereof in art education – plus the relationship of this with the world around us.

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Theory in the Arts

In brief

  • Multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary: the Theory in the Arts professorship is the only professorship that focuses on the meaning and development of theory in the various art disciplines
  • Theory in and of making: the relationship between the practice of theory and the theory of practice is central, theory is a dynamic and performative concept
  • Hybridity: disciplines are increasingly frequently collaborating or dissolving into new hybrids
  • Reflection: gaining insight into the presuppositions of one's own discipline through an encounter with other disciplines is a powerful means of identifying differences and similarities and making them productive
  • Positioning: the professorship focuses on the constant need to position itself as an art discipline, as an artist, and as a sector
  • Current and critical: theory is inextricably linked to practice – therefore it is important to research the theoretical layers that are necessary for a current and critical artistic practice in the various disciplines
  • Ecology, 'new materialisms': the professorship focuses on research projects that are related to the elimination of the prevailing dualism

Honours Lab

The Honours Lab offers special tracks that give students – in addition to their regular programme -- the opportunity to immerse themselves in theoretical and practice-related topics for shorter or longer periods of time in a multidisciplinary environment.

The Honours Lab aims at students who want to deepen their knowledge and develop their (art) research skills and who find it exciting to work and inquire with students from other disciplines including academic ones.

The Honours Lab develops its tracks together with the ArtEZ-academies and with external partners such as Radboud University. This results in different tracks being offered each year. It is possible to join already from the first year.

The Honours Lab is open to all motivated ArtEZ students of all disciplines, who have to apply for each track. Acceptance is based on the content of the motivation letter and on the composition of the group.

The Honours Lab is led and organized by the ArtEZ professorship Theory in the Arts, which is closely tied to the other professorships of ArtEZ and beyond.

Theory acts as oxygen for art practice and is inseparable from all the arts.

Peter Sonderen, Theory in the Arts Professorship

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