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Student counsellors

The student counsellors are there for you to discuss various topics in confidence, be it your study progress, other study issues or questions of a personal nature.

The student counsellors  can advise you, coach you and provide you with practical information. Student counsellors are also intermediaries for students with a study impairment, such as a disability.

You can request an appointment via the Digital Service Desk of the student counsellor's office (only accessible for ArtEZ students). Do you not have an account yet? You can use the email addresses below.


Nicoline Lodeweges


Sandra Valk

Yvonne Caesar


Anja Tomberg


ArtEZ works in accordance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act. Privacy-sensitive information is stored internally in a strictly confidential file at the student counsellor's office. Part of it will only be communicated to your contact for the course when it is effective. The Board of Examiners, too, will only receive brief communications and/or statements regarding study impairment in strict confidentiality and where so prescribed by procedure.

Do you have questions about studying at ArtEZ? Please contact the Student Affairs Department.