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Sophia building
Sophia building Sophia Building

ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design Zwolle

Sophia Building

The ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design in Zwolle offers a diverse selection of Bachelor's courses: Animation Design, Comic DesignFine Art & Design in EducationGraphic Design, Illustration Design and Interior Architecture. Here, you can also find the associate degree (AD) for Interior Designer. 

ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design Zwolle


As a student, your environment plays an influential role in your creative process. Since 2003, the Academy for Art & Design Zwolle has been located in the renovated and distinctive Sophiagebouw, which previously served as a hospital.

The masters Interior Architecture and Education in Arts, as well as the bachelor Theatre in Education, are also housed in this building. This combination offers a unique diversity of students, an inspiring environment and a smaller-scale feeling for your study, which helps create a safe, comfortable community in which you can develop yourself at your own pace.

Human Matters

Our vision? Human Matters! Human Matters refers to the ideal around which each course is centered, one that emphasizes social connectedness and a mindful, involved position of a student in the world. We teach our students to look at the world around them in a critical and nuanced way. This is achieved in particular through a regular exchange of ideas, experiences and meaningful stories.

With Human Matters, we challenge our students to create their own story, a story with personal meaning that forms the basis for their creative process. Each course takes this vision into account in its own relevant way to the main subject. This engrained ideal within each course further contributes to a sustainable, inspiring artistic atmosphere.


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