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Sophia building
Sophia building Sophia Building

ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design Zwolle

Sophia Building

The Academy of Art & Design in Zwolle offers a wide range of design programmes as well as the Fine Art and Design in Education programme, the associate degree Interior Designer and the bachelor Interior Design.

ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design Zwolle


Since 2003, the Academy of Art & Design has been housed in the renovated Sophia building, a former hospital in Zwolle. The academy shares the facility with the bachelor Theatre in Education Zwolle. The Sophia building was completely renovated by the architectural firm Henket en Partners. Henket not only adapted the existing premises to facilitate the arrival of the art academy, but also added a new wing. In 2014, the former laboratory of the hospital was added to the academy and it now contains the media lab with all of the digital media workstations.

Human Matters

For us, Human Matters is an ideal, an attempt to amalgamate the ideas behind this mission. This ideal embodies on the one hand the humanity, the human measure, the physicality, the sensory perception and the human sociality that we always bring with us. On the other, it comprises matter: the materiality and form of art. In summary, Human Matters says that humanity matters and is worth fighting for in today's world – a world with ever greater economic differences, a world with ever greater dangers for democracy and liveability.
Human Matters is a criticism of the ideology of the social system we live in. It counterbalances hyperspecialisation in science and the emphasis on performance and profit in the neoliberal meritocracy. The arts have a proclivity to regard humans as sensory, thinking and feeling beings that live in communities. Read more about the ideals of the Academy of Art & Design Zwolle here. 

Constantijn Huygens

In 1978, the Academy for Art & Design was founded in Kampen as the Christelijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst (CABK: Christian Academy of Fine Arts). In the ‘80s, the academy merged with other institutes, including the conservatory in Zwolle, to become the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Constantijn Huygens (Constantijn Huygens Institute of the Arts). In 2002, Constantijn Huygens changed into ArtEZ. One year later, the academy in Kampen moved to Zwolle. Along with the other establishments in Arnhem and Zwolle, the academy makes up part of the Art & Design faculty.

Overview of all of the programmes at the Academy for Art & Design in Zwolle


Overview, contact information and directions for all the ArtEZ institutes in Zwolle.

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