Want to become a music producer, DJ, film / game composer or an electronic artist? Discover the MediaMusic course at the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Enschede.

This is MediaMusic at ArtEZ:

  • Composition and design of music and audio for various media.
  • Intensive collaboration with game design programmes and both national and international studios and companies.
  • Close collaboration with students of the ArtEZ Academy of Pop Music.
  • Emphasis on conceptual, skill-conscious and knowledge-driven music productions, as well as entrepreneurship.
  • Your talent, ambitions and dreams form the starting points.

 After graduation, you will be able work across the creative industries – as a specialist or as a broadly-trained music and technical professional.

Admission MediaMusic

After your registration via Studielink, we will invite you for the entrance examination. The substantive information can be found at admission.

Music preparatory programme

ArtEZ has several preparatory programmes in preparation for the bachelor of Music. Click here to see the possibilities. As a basis for this bachelor, you may attend to the external preparatory programme Film Scoring and Production at the Musicube Academy in Bonn.

Contract Education

Part of the curriculum of the programmes can be followed through contract education. Following and completing a course or course component can lead to a study completion statement or certificate. As a contract student you can use the same facilities as regular students. Registration is possible throughout the year.

MediaMusic - Recording Sign