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You start the course with a dream, which we help you turn into reality. In a professional environment, you use your ambition and talent to fulfil that dream.

By being introduced to all the different aspects and learning about professional practice, you can adjust your ambitions and dreams during your studies. We call this gradual shift from hobby to profession and from theory to practice the crossfade model. It means that after graduating, you do not start your career from nothing, because you have acquired a great deal of experience and can progress faster.


What do you learn in the MediaMusic course?

Music and sound are everywhere. On Netflix, in games, online, in store. Even an electric car is full of (composed) sound. Students and graduates of MediaMusic are some of the makers of this music. From the latest beats for a rapper and the soundtrack to a Hollywood blockbuster to sounds in a new game.

To make that music, you need studio skills which you learn from the professionals at MediaMusic. But this is more than a technical course. We put a lot of emphasis on the musical element. If you also have a good musical basis, you can contribute clear added value. We can offer that because the course is part of the ArtEZ Academy of Music. The same building in Enschede also houses the Academy of Pop Music and the Music Therapy and Music in Education courses. Expertise, teachers and network are shared, providing students with more contacts, more facilities and more knowledge.

Lessons are taught individually and in groups. This varies according to the subject and varies between four and 26 students. In practice, group classes consist of an average seven students. Theory classes vary between thirteen and 26 students. Coaching sessions are individual.

During the first half of the study, you are introduced to all the options available in the course. You decide what direction you want to take and learn the skills you need. In the second half of the programme, you focus on your graduation project and professional practice. Through our good network and the positive experiences people have with our students, you have access to many workplaces. From the film studios in California and the recording studios of Nashville to well-known studios in Europe and the Netherlands.


  • Third-year students taking the Music Management and Musiconomy minor work at the Academy of Pop Music and Media Music's production company, PAMM. Besides keeping in touch with the work field and alumni, PAMM also organises some of the projects for the study programme like the MediaMusic Award for the best music production. The production company programmes bands, organises sessions on pop podiums and helps students set up their own (graduation) projects. PAMM is involved in festivals like the Popronde and Stukafest. It also arranges collaborations between students from the Academy of Pop Music and MediaMusic with students from other courses at ArtEZ.

  • Every year, students doing the Music Management minor organise the Booster Festival in Enschede on behalf of PAMM Productions. Besides being a showcase for young talented musicians, the festival is also the place to meet people from the music industry, get feedback on your work, ask questions and expand your network. It was at Booster that Academy of Pop student Jeangu Macrooy was discovered. The students in the organisation work together with Poppunt Overijssel, Poppunt Gelderland, Popsport, De Nieuwe Oost, Burgerweeshuis, Hedon and Metropool.

  • During the project weeks, you join in master classes by guest teachers working internationally at the highest level. There are also writing camps, excursions, collaboration projects, coaching and students can present pitches to the music industry.

    View the project week of October 2020

Study support

In the first two years, a career coach will discuss your career options with you and explore which directions you wish to take after graduation. There are also coaches in every individual field, such as music production, sound design and working abroad. In the third and fourth years, you have access to a business coach and internship coordinator as well as the student dean who supports students from all years.


The fourth-year internship is a useful experience and often also a springboard to a first job. For an entire semester, you do an internship in the Netherlands or abroad. This might be at the Hans Zimmer Studios in Los Angeles, Arturia in France, Dynamedion in Germany or Kuitenbrouwer & Henselmans in the Netherlands. Or you might make your own arrangements, for example at a studio you have always wanted to work in or with producer from whom you want to learn everything.

The Course

  • During the first year, you choose a profile, but this is not yet definitive. The projects in the first year provide a broad basis and an introduction to many different subjects. A student who chooses Composer for Film, Games and Media also does projects in the Songwriter and Producer profile. And vice versa.

    Some of the first-year subjects are:

    • Studio Engineering;
    • Sound Design;
    • Mtech Theory;
    • Music Writing Tools;
    • Music Management;
    • Producer Keys;
    • Music Writing and Production;
    • Communication and Management;
    • Projects and Productions;
    • Producer Vocals;
    • Producer Lab;
    • Handling Studios;
    • Live Lab.
  • If you change your mind after being introduced to the many different options in the propaedeutic phase, it is still possible to change profile at the start of the second year. This is the year when you develop your skills and knowledge. You also start building up your portfolio of songs and productions. We actively encourage you to create the widest possible profile. You do this by working with other courses and faculties inside and outside the ArtEZ Academy of Music. Have you been inspired by parts of other profiles? If so, you can incorporate them into your own profile. 

  • Graduation starts in the third year by doing research and taking two minors. You can choose from:

    • Sound Design;
    • Audio Engineering;
    • Vocalist/Instrumentalist;
    • Music Management;
    • Educator.

    If you would like the opportunity to study abroad, you can do that in the third or fourth year.

  • The internship is part of the fourth year. This is also when you complete your graduation project. In this project, you have a lot of time and scope to expand your portfolio. This work is intended to optimally present yourself to the work field and outside world. A lot of attention is also devoted to the business aspect of your project and you are given business coaching and support in setting up a company.

    The graduation projects can be seen at ArtEZ Finals. Do you want to know what students are doing and are you considering choosing this study programme? Check out the site and visit the presentations.

Music & Health

High demands are placed on musicians on a physical and mental level. That is why we at ArtEZ pay the necessary attention to healthy music making. We mainly do this during project days and weeks. You follow a series of lessons about healthy voice use and you learn to recognize and prevent work-related complaints.

Facilities MediaMusic

The course provides all the facilities you need as a musician, producer, sound designer and audio engineer. For example:

  • Five studios with extensive analogue and hybrid recording and mixing room, spacious live room, foley stage, (modular) synthesizer studio, studio quality monitoring, pro tools fader banks;
  • Two big concert halls;
  • Theatre for live sound with analogue and digital structure;
  • Extensive equipment lending facilities (including microphones, controllers, instruments and cameras);
  • Multimedia centre with in-house developed sound libraries, impulse responses and multitracks.

Studying in Enschede

Look here for more information about studying in Enschede.