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Photography: Annabel Jeuring


Photography: Annabel Jeuring
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Enschede

In MediaMusic, learn how to become a music producer or composer. This course prepares you for life as a musician, composer, sound designer or audio engineer.


In brief

  • Top Rated study programme, according to hbo Keuzegids
  • Various profiles in which you can specialise as a music producer or sound designer
  • In this course, you combine music and technique. Besides producing music, you study the subject of sound
  • You develop your skills as a musician as well as do subjects at the ArtEZ Academy of Pop Music
  • The experience and the network you acquire via MediaMusic provide lots of opportunities for work
  • The course offers students good places for internships and from there to jobs or professional projects
  • You choose a specialisation in your study based on your own dreams, ambitions and talent. In other words, you plan some of your study programme yourself

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From fan to professional at MediaMusic

Do you want to make music which you hear in your favourite game or perhaps create a soundtrack for action films? Sit at the mixing console for your own or other bands, or make beats for the latest hits? Whatever your musical ambitions or dreams, you can fulfil them at MediaMusic.

You choose from four profiles:

In each profile, you get the same number of subjects about music production, such as sound design and audio engineering. As a student of the ArtEZ Academy of Music, you are trained as a musician whilst learning studio skills. You can learn about production elsewhere. At MediaMusic, however, you also learn about music, work alongside students from the Academy of Pop Music, Music Therapy and Music in Education and you can use the international network available in the study programme.

MediaMusic may be a course of study, but it is not like being at school. You become a professional who already works in the field whilst studying. As a result, most graduates can earn an average salary from their work in music within three years.

Is this the training for you?