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If you are talented, enterprising, ambitious and you want to start work as a composer, sound designer or producer, you are welcome at MediaMusic in Enschede. This music course enables you to fulfil your ambitions.


Apply by 1 May via Studielink. Applications submitted after 1 May will only be processed if there are enough places still available. After applying, you will receive information from the course about the admission procedure and the date on which you are expected at the Academy of Music.


Admission requirements MediaMusic

These are the diploma and language requirements you must fulfil.

      • VWO (pre-university education), HAVO (senior general secondary education), MBO (level 4) (senior secondary vocational education and training) or equivalent diploma.
      • This course is subject to language requirements.
      • Motivation letter, including three of your own productions.
      • Positive result from the entrance exam (intake interview and music theory exam). In this exam, we assess your chances of successfully completing the study programme.

Through these admission requirements, we want to find out how much experience you have with music production and establish your current level. We also observe how fast you can learn to use music software and hardware. And the level of your general music knowledge and aural skills. We are interested in your ideas for the future and how you will use the course to help you fulfil them.

You do not need to have a lot of experience in each part before you start the course. It is more important that you have a general basis and that you are a reasonably fast learner.

Music theory admission criteria

See the overview of the music theory requirements.

Start training your aural skills, ability to sing from sheet music, notation, reading and writing rhythms and harmonic dictation well ahead of time. Also train your knowledge of general music theory.

Motivation letter, including three of your own productions

After applying, you will receive a link from the Educational Office in Enschede to upload at least three of your own productions, preferably in a range of different styles. For example, dance, pop, rock, orchestral, singer-songwriter or music for a video.

Via the link, you will also send a motivation letter including the following information:

  • What is your future professional goal and how will you use the course to achieve it?
  • What special characteristics do you have that will help the MediaMusic department and other students.
  • Very brief description per production of how it came about, perhaps with screenshots.

After assessing the productions, you may be invited to do the entrance examination. If you have any questions, you can contact the Educational Office: conservatorium.enschede@artez.nl

Entrance examination

The entrance examination takes place between March and July. You will be informed in advance of the exact date and time. The entrance examination consists of two parts:

Intake interview

A 30-minute intake, which includes:

  • A test relating to the use of software and hardware.
  • A test of keyboard skills. It is an advantage if you have basic piano/keyboard skills.
  • An interview based on your motivation letter and productions.

Music Theory exam

You take an oral music theory exam if your intake interview and productions receive a good assessment. This exam takes 15 to 30 minutes. We mainly look at your current experience and your development potential.

Result and validity

At the end of the admission process, the examination committee, consisting of at least two teachers, advises the Academy of Music's Board of Examiners. The board checks whether the procedure has been followed properly and ultimately decides whether you are admissible as a candidate. You may be placed on a waitlist. You will receive the results in writing.

An admission is only valid for the course for which you have applied. If you wish to be admitted to a course or specialisation at a different location, you must apply for this separately. The admission is only valid for the academic year immediately following the entrance examination. If you wish to start one year later, you can submit a written request to the Board of Examiners to prolong the validity of the results for a period of one year.