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Composition for Film and Theatre - online

  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years
  • English
  • Arnhem
  • Online

Composition for Film and Theatre - online is a course for gutsy, wilful composers. Do you enjoy working with lots of freedom and with other artistic disciplines, such as dance and theatre? Then this is the course for you! You can also take this course on campus in Arnhem; you can even switch between online and on-campus every year!

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Composition for Film and Theatre - online

Why choose the Composition for Film and Theatre online course?

Study from anywhere

You can take this course from anywhere in the world! You can also switch between the online and the on-campus version each year.

High-tech collaboration

With the latest techniques and facilities, you will be taking lessons and composing together in real time.

Live and in concert

How does your composition sound performed by a live orchestra? In this course, you can collaborate with renowned artists.

Lots of freedom

Do you have any crazy musical ideas you want to experiment with? We love it! Here you can push the boundaries of your creativity.

Ten years’ worth of experience

This course has been a part of the Jazz & Pop course for 10 years. You will be learning from teachers with plenty of experience.

International study body

Your fellow students are from all over the world. Be inspired by other cultures and musical disciplines.

Focus on mastery 

You already know a thing or two about composition. Perhaps you taught yourself, or perhaps you followed a preparatory course. You think and work with music in mind, you like experimenting and you enjoy stretching the limits of music and of your own abilities. Does this sound familiar? Then this programme has a lot to offer you! Because what you want to make, that is up to you. How you do it, you will learn during this programme. The study programme focuses on being a maker; we teach you the craft skills you need to become a really good composer.

Broaden your horizons and find your sound  

To ensure that the study programme matches your ambitions exactly, about a quarter of the curriculum consists of electives. Through online collaboration with students from other disciplines, you can broaden your horizons even further. The Composition for Film and Theatre programme has existed as a main subject in the Jazz & Pop department at the Arnhem Academy of Music for ten years already. As such, as a student you can benefit from a programme with years of accumulated knowledge and experience and a large alumni network the school has.  

Completely or partially online  

You can take this programme online from anywhere in the world. You will have lessons at the same time as your fellow students who are taking the course in-person in Dutch time, CET. At the ArtEZ Academy of Music, we use the latest real-time techniques so that you can compose and play together accurately, even at a distance. Once you graduate from Composition for Film and Theatre, you will be a composer at the centre of the artistic world, with a strong vision and a broad outlook on the musical and creative playing field. Not only will you feel comfortable in your composition skills, but you also will have an awareness of where your future opportunities may be!

Do you want to switch to the on-campus version of the course while you have already started the online variant? That is possible! You can switch between the two each year so that you can adapt the course to suit your current life situation best.

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