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Include artistic subjects in action plan for education

"May Minister Slob primarily make use of the art subjects in his post-corona action plan for education. Don't reduce them to a mere footnote, urges Maarten Bremer". This is the introduction of Maarten Bremer's (Member Executive Board ArtEZ) opinion article, which was published in the NRC on February 6.

Include artistic subjects in action plan for education

In the article, Bremer underlines the importance of paying attention to everything young people have learned. "We don't have to figure out what these young people learned, but it is up to us to help them shape those learning outcomes, to think about what it has given them and what this means for them. Then they can be proud of what they have experienced and learned in this unique period, instead of constantly being told they are running behind or getting a 'corona diploma'. As far as I am concerned, they will all receive a 9 or a 10 for this learning result; they will always benefit from these lessons learned.”

"That is why I am asking Minister Slob and his department to ensure that the artistic subjects do not become a footnote in the national action plan, but are used instead for education that allows young people to reflect on their experiences and learnings during the past year. It's going to result in wonderful things. That suits good education. And this is the power of art.”

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