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Application and admission

Application and admission

Werkplaats Typografie welcomes graphic designers who seek to deepen their knowledge and skills, and who embrace authenticity, radicality, and experiment – stretching the borders of conceptual graphic design. If you want to follow Werkplaats Typografie, the first step is to apply for admission. Learn about the process step by step and what to expect. You'll also find important dates and deadlines. 

Applying for admission

You can apply for this course through Studielink. First, read the admission process for Werkplaats Typografie below. You can find general admission information for ArtEZ here. Once you've applied, you'll receive a confirmation email from ArtEZ Student Affairs. After that, the course will provide you with further details regarding the admission process.   

Apply through Studielink


You can apply before the 1st of March via Studielink and send your portfolio, CV, and motivation directly to Werkplaats Typografie.  The exact dates for the admissions interviews for the academic year 2024/2025 will be announced soon. In previous years, the interviews took place in March. If you have any questions about this already, please contact the course.

Werkplaats Typografie can admit a maximum of twenty-eight graphic designers annually.

Admission procedure

Werkplaats Typografie stimulates designers to venture into undefined areas, to (re)discover and refine their professional identities as makers. Participants convert personal questions to universal ones, approaching the world with a critical gaze.

  • Interested in applying for the Werkplaats Typografie master course? These are the requirements:

    • a bachelor’s degree in the arts (or other related fields);
    • an outspoken portfolio.

    Furthermore, relevant for admission are a standard of quality in completed work in terms of content and design, the ability to act and work independently, the capacity for further growth and demonstration of an engaging attitude to design.

  • Language requirements apply to all ArtEZ master studies. You will need to prove your language proficiency by handing in a certificate stating your level of English before 1 September. If you need a residence permit to study at ArtEZ, the delivery deadline is 1 June.

    For more information, please check the general language requirements for Master's courses. 

  • First, you need to enrol via Studielink. You will be asked to submit the following documents:

    • a copy of your passport;
    • a copy of your bachelor diploma (preferably in English and with a list of credits);
    • a language certificate.

    These documents should be uploaded before the start of the academic year. If you need a residence permit, the delivery deadline is 31 May. After enrolment via Studielink, you will receive an email regarding the further admission procedure.

  • A portfolio can only be a PDF with a maximum of twenty projects in total: books, digital work, invitations, posters, identities, sketches etcetera, with a maximum of 60 megabytes. Per project it can show us approximately five images with a short description of 50 words maximum.

    Please include in a separate document:

    • your resume (please mention your nationality for our administration);
    • a brief description of your plans and expectations for your time at Werkplaats Typografie and a short description of yourself as a designer.

    You can send your portfolio to mail@werkplaatstypografie.org or upload it on an external server like Wetransfer. All portfolios will be reviewed in March, subsequently those selected will be invited for an application interview in May.

  • Those selected will be invited for an interview with the tutors of the Werkplaats Typografie. At this time, you should bring your real work. During the interview, tutors will consider your previous work and specifically discuss plans, intentions and expectations concerning your studies at the Werkplaats Typografie. The interviews are scheduled in March.

  • If you are a non-EU/EEA resident, there are two scholarships you can apply for: the ArtEZ Scholarship and the Holland Scholarship. The deadline for both scholarships is May 1st. Please contact the Student Affairs department for more information about scholarships, residence permits, and any other related questions.

    As non EU/EEA student, you must transfer a financial guarantee.

More information

Interested in the Werkplaats Typografie? You are welcome any time of the year to come by for an informal introductory visit to see who we are and what we do (or at the moment, for an online call).