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Werkplaats Typografie

  • Master's
  • 2 years, full-time
  • English
  • Arnhem

Werkplaats Typografie is a two-year experimental Master's programme in graphic design. It functions as a research environment wherein participants define the content, aims and conditions of their international independent design practice, and develop their artistic, visual, discursive and practical qualities. Being part of a questioning community, they learn how to interact with their ambitions and skills, positioning themselves in the field while pushing its limits.

Werkplaats Typografie

In brief

  • Self-motivated research in applied arts, via content plus form, text plus image, theory plus practice
  • Collaborating with leading designers, artists, curators and peers from various countries in the programme’s own renowned building
  • Multivocal community providing complete freedom for different voices and views, asking questions and seeking answers
  • Developing critical awareness, understanding and design approaches through self-initiated and provided group projects, commissions by external clients, individual projects and diverse workshops
  • Research-based design with personal questions, interests and motivations as a starting point
  • Pushing the boundaries of a rapidly evolving reality and framework of (conceptual) graphic design
  • In-depth theoretical research in the form of critical reflection, excursions and theses
  • Studio activities providing hands on experiences via practical assignments and projects for internal and external commissioners including (large-scale) presentations at international platforms and venues

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Werkplaats Typografie | finals werk Ilke Gers
Werkplaats Typografie | finals work Ilke Gers

Exploring concerns and interests

During the two-year programme of Werkplaats Typografie, collaborations with partners worldwide, international presentations at important venues, contributions to relevant platforms, assignments for external clients and a building that allows to be shaped according to will and changing needs ensure that participants can thoroughly explore their concerns and interests in all their imaginable forms and means of expression.

The master's course has been accredited by the NVAO and is thus included in the Master’s Guide 2023. Based on the student opinions included in the Guide, this master course scores excellent on all themes (Content, Lecturers, Testing, Career Preparation and Atmosphere) – making it one of the thirteen best-rated master studies in the Netherlands in 2022.