Visas and permits

To study in the Netherlands non-EU (European Union)/ non-EEA (European Economic Area) students need a visa. Depending on your country of origin you either need a residence permit (vvr) or an entry visa (mvv) + residence permit. Below you will find more information about the visa procedure and requirements.

Project Winterlab at ArtEZ in Zwolle
Project Winterlab at ArtEZ in Zwolle

For whom

Visas are mandatory for nationals from a non-EU/ non-EEA country that have been accepted at ArtEZ as preparatory course students, fulltime Bachelor, Master or exchange students who will reside in the Netherlands for the duration of their studies at ArtEZ. The ArtEZ Student Affairs Department will apply for your visa as soon as they have received all necessary documents and you have met the income requirement as set by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). More information on the income requirement below. It is not possible to apply for this visa yourself.


Once you are accepted at ArtEZ, Student Affairs provides an information brochure in which you will find a more detailed description of the visa procedure including all necessary visa related forms.
Visa procedures take time, students are advised to start preparing their documents as soon as they are accepted. Especially students in need of an entry visa (mvv) should be aware that after the Student Affairs Department has applied for your visa and after the IND has informed ArtEZ that your entry visa is issued, you have to collect this entry visa at a Dutch Embassy or Consulate in your home country. The overall visa procedure (from applying to picking up the residence permit after arrival in the Netherlands) can take up to three months.

Visa costs

The visa fee for 2018-2019 is € 321,-. This amount can be transferred directly to ArtEZ. Payment procedure and banking details are mentioned in the information brochure.

IND Income requirement

In order to issue a visa the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) requires proof that non-EEA students can support themselves financially in the Netherlands. To this end students must proof a minimum of € 870,50 per month or € 10.446,- for the academic year 2018-2019. The IND recalculates this sum each January. This income requirement is not a fee in the sense that ArtEZ will transfer the money back to your newly created Dutch bank account once the visa procedure is completed.

Non-EU/ non-EEA exchange students that join ArtEZ for a shorter stay will have to prove the income requirement for as many months as they will be in the Netherlands. For example € 870,50 x 6 months (for one semester for example).

Annual check for degree students
A residence permit for study is valid for the duration of your study programme. This means that you will not have to renew your residence permit on a yearly basis. In return ArtEZ has to check the following:

  • Study progress: ArtEZ is obliged to inform the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service about your study progress every year. You will have to obtain at least 30 ECTS every academic year before August 31. If you obtained less than 30 ECTS (study credits) this will be reported to the IND and your residence permit will be cancelled.
  •  Only in case of exceptional circumstances will we not have to report to the IND. You will have to inform the student counsellor about these circumstances as soon as possible. Exceptional circumstances are for example illness, pregnancy, family matters etc. Any exceptional circumstance can be taken into consideration only once.
  • Income requirement: after the first year students are no longer obliged to literally prove their financial means. Every year however they have to sign a statement saying that they continue to dispose of sufficient funds to support themselves financially in the Netherlands.

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