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After graduation

After graduation

The future of the field of graphic design stems from the work and positioning of those practicing the craft. Graphic designers are defining the context of their own independent design practice, and indirectly and collectively that of the profession.

Stretching the perimeters of graphic design

Through their work, graphic designers take part in the constant conversation that is their work field: an ongoing dialogue between all kinds of people from various positions and with different interpretations of the nature of their profession. The ideas and topics participants identify during the course may be manifested in autonomous or independently motivated work, client-based work or in teaching. Ultimately, almost all Werkplaats Typografie graduates have practices that entail all three elements: they operate in trans-disciplines, moving between different areas and walking the edges of the field – without leaving their core concerns behind.

Studio of the future

This Master's course urges participants to take full responsibility over their individual trajectories and group-initiated projects. We offer a home base; the students need to turn that into a studio of their future. This distinguished approach enables participants to become aware of aware of the artistic, cultural, social, political and economic context they wish to change, operate in, reflect upon, and add to with their work.

Title and diploma

Upon successful completion of the Werkplaats Typografie programme, you are entitled to use the academic title Master of Arts (MA).

This course can be found in the Centraal Register Opleidingen Hoger Onderwijs (CROHO) by the code 49114. The formal name of the programme under which this course is CROHO registerd, is Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design. This CROHO-name will be on your diploma.