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ArtEZ Music in Education in Zwolle

Music in Education

ArtEZ Music in Education in Zwolle
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Zwolle

Is music your passion in life and do you want to combine your love of music with working with people? With the Music in Education course at the Academy of Music in Zwolle, you can make a career in music education.

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Music in Education

Why choose Music in Education in Zwolle?


As a musician and a teacher, you will learn to communicate your enthusiasm and love for music to people in an inspiring way. Thus, the meaning of music becomes central to people's lives.

Broad professional practice

Musician, teacher or entrepreneur in the field of music education? After this course, you will be flexible in terms of the kind of work you can do.

Beyond the walls of the academy

Music connects people. You will be trained to work with different target groups in society, both within and outside formal education.

Lots of freedom

Many subjects offer the flexibility to choose your own learning pathway and produce your own music.

Successful collaborations

Be inspired by students from other art majors and learn to think in an interdisciplinary way.

Top music teachers

Do you want to learn everything there is to know about music education? You can! You will be taught by renowned lecturers and guest lecturers.

Music matters

The course focuses on music education for children, young people and other target groups in our multi-faceted and multi-coloured society. You will be trained to be a good musician and teacher. You’ll learn to communicate your enthusiasm and love for music to young and old in an inspired and inspiring way. By doing so, the meaning of music becomes a key part of people’s lives.

After the course, you may use the title Bachelor of Music in Education (BEd) and you will have a first-degree teaching qualification. This will make you flexible in terms of the kind of work you can do. As well as music lessons, you will be allowed to teach the subjects cultural and artistic education and general art. Outside of formal education, your diploma will also entitle you to work as a choral conductor or ensemble leader, in music schools or with the educational services of orchestras, ensembles or opera companies. You can also set up meaningful socio-artistic projects and other initiatives as an independent musical entrepreneur. Many graduates combine different workplaces.

The course

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After graduation 

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Music in Education is also available in Enschede and as a customised course.

Tailor-Made BA Music in Education (abridged)

    Do you already have a bachelor degree in Music or Music Therapy, or a PABO (teacher training for primary education) diploma, or are you already working in music education? If so, you can obtain a first-degree teaching qualification in two or three years in Zwolle with the Tailor-Made BA Music in Education (abridged) course.
Music in Education | Music matters


Music preparatory programme

ArtEZ has several preparatory programmes in preparation for the bachelor of Music. Click here to see the possibilities.

As a basis for the bachelor MediaMusic or Composing for Film, you may attend to the external preparatory programme Film Scoring and Production at the Musicube Academy in Bonn.

ArtEZ Music in Education