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Photography: Rob Elsjan

Music in Education

Photography: Rob Elsjan
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Enschede

The Bachelor courses in Music in education train you to be an inspiring teacher, who contributes to the musical and artistic development of people of all ages.

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Music in Education

Why choose Music in Education in Enschede?

Excellent job opportunities

After completing the course, you can use your skills for a wide range of applications, both in the educational field and beyond. Most alumni find work immediately after graduation.

Meaningful education

The course trains you to become an enthusiastic and inspiring music teacher, who teaches music in a meaningful way.

Broaden your horizon

Although the course focuses on jazz and pop, students are introduced to all genres. This allows you to specialise in the area you find most interesting.

Important pillars

The use of music technology and teaching students with a disability are central to the course.


You will become an enterprising, innovative music teacher with a first-level teaching qualification, including for art and cultural education (CKV) and art in general.

Practice oriented

A practice-oriented, varied course with many internships and unique projects.


ArtEZ also offers a Music in Education course in Zwolle.

Admission Music in Education Enschede

After your registration via Studielink, we will invite you for the entrance examination. The substantive information can be found at admission.

Top course for musical allrounders

Do you like making music and enjoy working in groups towards one goal? In the Music in Education course in Enschede we only have one drive: to deliver the best music teachers. Teachers who know how to tempt others to develop musically. Important accents in our course curriculum are the development and use of music technology and the remedial education music teacher specialisation.

After the course, you have a first-level teaching qualification and may use the title of Bachelor of Music in Education (BEd). This means that you are qualified to teach Music as well as the subjects of Culture and Arts and General Art.

If would like to become a music teacher and already have a bachelor degree in Music or Music Therapy or a primary school teaching diploma, you can obtain a first-level teaching qualification in two or three years through the abridged lateral-entry Music in Education (Tailor-Made BA Music in Education). ArtEZ also offers a Music in Education course in Zwolle.