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Tailor-Made BA Music in Education

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The Tailor-Made BA Music in Education in Zwolle is an abridged version of the four-year Music in Education bachelor degree. Especially for musicians with a degree from an academy of music or in General Musical Education, or for teachers with a Pabo or other teaching training degree.

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Tailor-Made BA Music in Education

Why choose the Tailor-Made BA Music in Education in Zwolle?

Combine work and study

As you only attend class one day a week, this course can easily be combined with a job or internship.

Funding from the government

As a lateral entrant in music education, there are several government funding options for your education.

Excellent job opportunities

Being trained as a musician, teacher and entrepreneur, it is entirely possible that you'll find a job even before you graduate.


As a musician and teacher, you will learn to communicate your enthusiasm and love for music to people in an inspiring way. By doing so, the meaning of music becomes a key part of people’s lives.

Tailor-made education

Your learning path is key to a curriculum tailored specifically to you. Internships drive the course and are chosen based on your own interests.


Depending on your preliminary education, you can obtain a first-level teaching qualification in two or three years, including for the subjects Culture and Arts (CKV) and General Art.

In two or year years, you are a qualified music teacher

Do you work in music or education, and do you want to increase your skills and your qualifications? With the Tailor-Made BA Music in Education at the music academy in Zwolle, you will obtain your first-degree training qualification! Class is every wednesday.

  • Do you have a bachelor degree in music or music therapy from the academy of music in Enschede or a degree in General Musical Education? Then you can do this course in 2 years.
  • Have you (nearly) completed a teacher training degree or a bachelor degree from another teacher training course? Then you do this course in 3 years.

In this abridged course, you have classes one day a week alongside your fellow students who are also doing the abridged course. If you do the three-year course, you may have 1 extra morning or afternoon class.

You can also take Tailor-Made BA Music in Education course in Enschede (class every monday).

Music matters

The Tailor-Made BA Music in Education focuses on teaching music to children, adolescents and other target groups in our diverse and colourful society. You are trained to become a good musician and teacher. In a passionate and inspiring way, you teach young and old to share in your enthusiasm and love for music. Thus, the meaning of music becomes central to people's lives.

As well as having a teaching qualification, you can also work as a choir conductor or ensemble leader at a music school or for the educational service of an orchestra, ensemble or opera company. As an independent musical entrepreneur, you can also set up meaningful social-artistic projects and other initiatives. Many graduates combine several workplaces.

You can also do the Tailor-Made Music in Education course in Enschede.