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Music Therpay, Neurological Music Therapy Training. Photo by: Marlies Bosma

Music Therapy

Music Therpay, Neurological Music Therapy Training. Photo by: Marlies Bosma
  • Master's
  • 1 or 2 years (ft/pt)
  • English
  • Enschede

The master’s course Music Therapy is designed for practicing music therapists who want to advance and innovate their musical, clinical and research skills in the creative and international environment that ArtEZ University of the Arts offers. 

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Music Therapy

Why choose the master's course Music Therapy?

Thrive in an international setting

Multiple opportunities available for interdisciplinary collaborations and high-level training provided by national and international expert clinicians, professors and guest lecturers.

A unique department

One-of-a-kind music therapy department in the Netherlands that includes a bachelor’s, pre-master’s and master’s course and a professorship

Specialise in neuroscience and music

Recognized for its focus on Neuroscience and Neurologic Music Therapy. This master’s course includes Basic level of training in Neurologic Music Therapy and a certification from the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy

Involvement in community projects

Programme centred around cultural sensitivity and community music therapy projects

The only Music Therapy course at a conservatory

Embedded in the Enschede ArtEZ Conservatory: music and music technology are strongly integrated in the Music Therapy master's course

Design your own study plan

Courses designed to promote professional growth in the specialisation of your choice, based on choices indicated in a personal study plan

A unique, accredited and recognized Master’s course

The accredited ArtEZ master's course is part of a well-established and unique music therapy department composed of a Top Rated bachelor’s course Music Therapy, a pre-master's coursethe master's course and a Professorship in Music Therapy and Music-Based Interventions.

The master's in Music Therapy adheres to international norms, including the American Music Therapy Association and the NVvMT (Dutch Music Therapy Association). It is accredited by the National Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO) and recognized for its specialisation in the evidence-based practice of Neurologic Music Therapy and Neurosciences.   

I worked as a music therapist in a nursing home with people suffering from dementia and adults with physical disabilities and wanted to know more about what music therapy can do for these people. That's why I chose to take this master's course.

Integrating music, research, and clinical practice

During the ArtEZ master’s in Music Therapy, you will gain advanced knowledge and skills in applying evidence-based music therapy and research to a clinical area of your interest.  The courses are carefully designed to integrate musical, therapeutic, research, and professional competencies seamlessly through a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and (supervised) clinical practice. 

Through shared learning experiences with peers and experts, and personalised coaching, you will develop, set up, and conduct an original research project throughout the programme. Music-based research is at the core of our course and can be conducted in several settings: at the place where you complete your clinical practice, in a community setting, or in an another external collaboration. As of 2023, our programme will offer a residence opportunity in music therapy research on clients suffering from Korsakoff’s syndrome.

Also check out this video about the research of Music Therapy-alumnus Djemida Tönjes.


Is Music Therapy the right master's course for you?

Do you want to bring your knowledge and clinical experience to the next level, while exploring your own identity as a therapist and your cultural sensitivity in your practice? Are you ready to conduct scientific research on the impact of music therapy on people’s health? Join us as we help you further establish yourself as a music therapy researcher and clinician!