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Music Therpay, Neurological Music Therapy Training. Photo by: Marlies Bosma

Music Therapy

Music Therpay, Neurological Music Therapy Training. Photo by: Marlies Bosma
  • Master's
  • 1 or 2 years (ft/pt)
  • English
  • Enschede

As a musician or music therapist, you understand the power of music. At the international master's course Music Therapy, you learn how to substantiate and demonstrate the effects of your music therapy through research. You will delve into the neuroscience behind music therapy, specialize in its technological aspects, participate in community music therapy projects and develop your own unique research project. All of this takes place in the vibrant, musical, and unique environment of the conservatory in Enschede.

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Music Therapy

Why choose the master's course Music Therapy?

Flourish in an international environment

You will have ample opportunities to collaborate and learn from national and international teachers, experienced music therapists, and guest lecturers.

A unique department

You will become part of a unique music therapy department, encompassing a bachelor's-, pre-master's, - and master's course, and a Music Therapy professorship, all under one roof!

Specialise in neuroscience and music

This master's program is known for its emphasis on neuroscience, so as a student, you will learn everything about the neuroscience behind music therapy.

Engage in community projects

You will participate in projects focused on community therapy and conduct research on music therapy and cultural sensitivity.

Focus on music and music technology

You will work closely with students from various courses within the conservatory to explore cutting-edge music technologies and their relevance to music therapy.

Design your own study plan

You will create a personalized study plan aimed at your professional and personal growth within your chosen specialization.

Integrating music, research, and clinical practice

Are you a musician or music therapist, ready to build or solidify your evidence-based music therapy practice? Then this master’s course is for you. Maybe you choose to focus on elderly care and mental health or explore a broader application of music in the care of newborns and ICU patients. Since 2023, this master's course also offers music therapy research residencies with clients suffering from Korsakoff syndrome. Whichever path you decide to follow, the master's course Music Therapy at ArtEZ will help you discover and deepen your unique voice and specialization as a music therapist, strengthening and substantiating your practice and interventions through practical research.

In the master's course Music Therapy, you will learn how to substantiate and demonstrate the effects of your music therapy through neuroscientific and practice-oriented research. Throughout the course, you will develop your own original research project and receive guidance on writing for and publishing in scientific journals within the fields of music and arts therapy. Moreover, you will enhance your skills in effectively communicating your music therapeutic methods, interventions, and research, both to your clients and fellow music therapists.

I worked as a music therapist in a nursing home with people suffering from dementia and who are differently abled and wanted to know more about what music therapy can do for these people. That's why I chose to take this master's course.
LIZZY DINGHS, alumnus Music Therapy

The master's in Music Therapy adheres to international norms, including the American Music Therapy Association and the NVvMT (Dutch Music Therapy Association).