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Music Therapy

  • Master's
  • 1 or 2 years (ft/pt)
  • English
  • Enschede

The Master of Music Therapy at ArtEZ is an international, dynamic and comprehensive programme designed for music therapy professionals who want to develop their musical, clinical and research skills. You will specialize in the use of evidence-based music therapy in the area of your own interest, in collaboration with a highly specialized faculty, your fellow students, and the ArtEZ’ (inter)national network.

Music Therapy

In brief

  • Nationally recognized by the NVAO (National Flemish Accreditation Organization)
  • Special focus in neuroscience, including Neurologic Music Therapy fellowship training
  • Spotlight on the development of cultural sensitivity and community music therapy projects
  • Embedded in the Enschede ArtEZ Conservatory: music and music technology are strongly integrated in the programme
  • One of a kind music therapy community: the master is closely connected to a highly experienced faculty, a professorship for music therapy and music-based interventions, and the nr. 1 ranked bachelor's in music therapy in the Netherlands
  • Courses designed to promote personal growth in the specialization of your own choice, starting from a personal study plan
  • Choose for a 1-year full-time modality on campus or for a 2-year part-time blended modality that you can follow from your own country or city

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Integrating music, research, and clinical practice

With the ArtEZ Master of Music Therapy you gain advanced knowledge and skills in the field of evidence-based music therapy. The courses are carefully designed for the integration of clinical experience, music, research and professional skills; to let them occur simultaneously. The use of different scientifically informed music therapy models and the specific role of music in the therapeutic context are always explored in relation to your own clinical practice.

Through craftmanship, learning experiences with peers and experts, and personalized coaching, our students build original research projects that are meaningful both to them and to society. Research is at the core of the study programme and starts from day one. You will investigate the therapeutic role of music and its effect in the topic of your choice. You will learn to set up and to conduct research projects as well as to communicate their impact to lay and professional audiences. Likewise, your personal development as a therapist remains central during supervision and counselling.

I worked as a music therapist in a nursing home with people suffering from dementia and adults with physical disabilities and wanted to know more about what music therapy can do for these people. That's why I chose to follow the master programme.

Is Music Therapy the right master's programme for you?

Do you seek to bring your knowledge and clinical experience to the next level, while exploring your own identity as a therapist and your culturally sensitive professionalism? Are you ready to conduct scientific research on the impact of music therapy on people’s health? Join with us on the journey to further develop yourself as a music therapy researcher and clinician.