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After graduation

After graduation

The Music in Education course in Enschede delivers versatile, enterprising and innovative teachers with a sound vision of education. Your diploma means that you have a first-level teaching qualification in the subjects of Music, Culture and Arts and General Art. It allows you to work inside and outside of education.

Title and diploma

After graduating in the Music in Education (BEd) course, you may bear the title of Bachelor of Music in Education. This study can be found in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes (CROHO) under code 39112. The formal name of the course, under which this study is known in the CROHO, is Bachelor of Music in Education. This CROHO name will appear on your diploma.

Starting work

The field of work for music teachers is broad. After the course you can start working as a Music teacher, Culture and Arts teacher or General Art teacher. With the organisational skills they have acquired, some of our alumni have become a team leader or deputy headmaster of a school. Others become composers and conductors. In addition, you can work at a music school or establish one yourself, or work at an educational service of an orchestra, ensemble or opera company. All our alumni have a job in the field within a year.

Continue studying

After the Music in Education bachelor course, you can continue your studies, for example in the ArtEZ Master of Education in Arts course or Artist Educator master course.