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Fine Art and Design in Education

  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Arnhem

Do you have a passion for drawing, photography, digital media and design and do you like transforming your ideas into images? And would you like to transmit your passion and knowledge to others? Fine Art and Design in Education is a bachelor course that is all about making and enthusing others about art and visual design.

Fine Art and Design in Education

Why choose Fine Art and Design in Education?

Stimulating atmosphere

Study in a dynamic, ambitious and enquiring environment


Develop wide-ranging knowledge of art, design, theory and education

Flexible curriculum

With lots of projects, workshops, electives and specialisations

Learn in practice

During internships in school and non-school settings

Discover other discplines

Work with others across disciplines, within and outside the course

Good career prospects

You will be able to teach or work in the non-school professional field

Discover Fine Art and Design in Education

As a teacher of fine art and design, you will be intensively involved with art and design. By making and designing yourself, by visiting exhibitions, by staying up to date on new developments. And above all by developing teaching and education yourself. You can do that in general secondary or secondary vocational education or for art institutions and other cultural venues, bringing pupils, participants or visitors to festivals, etc. into contact with art and design. You will supervise them in the creative process and in developing their own talents. And you will link in with personal fascinations and social themes. In this way, they will discover at first hand the power of art and what it is like to give expression to what matters to you.

After the course, you may use the title Bachelor of Education (BEd). This course leads to a broad qualification across the arts education field, which allows you to work at all levels of education, but also outside education (e.g. for museums, cultural institutions, artists' initiatives, festivals and online platforms). The professional practice is very diverse; our former students work not just as teachers but also as makers, educators and curators.

Enthusing others or wanting to work with people is key on this course. If that’s what you enjoy, this is the right place for you.
Allard Koers, head of course
The Fine Art and Design in Education course in Arnhem can also be followed part-time (duration: four years). And for those who already have a diploma in art vocational education and also want to obtain a teaching qualification for all school types, there is a tailor-made programme (duration: two years).
You can also follow the full-time bachelor Fine Art and Design in Education in Zwolle.

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