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Fine Art and Design in Education

  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Zwolle

Are you creative, social and do you like teaching others? Then you will feel at home in the Fine Art & Design in Education course in Zwolle. This course will help you grow in your own artistic skills and in your role as a teacher. 

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Fine Art and Design in Education

Why choose Fine Art and Design in Education?

Best of both worlds

Become a visual artist with a teaching qualification for all types of education, in- and out-of-school.

Plenty of challenges

Unleash your own creativity and learn to help others with it.

Intensive internship supervision

From school visits to being in the classroom yourself: you will have guided supervision during your internships.

Well-equipped facilities

Get to know an infinite number of materials and techniques in our well-equipped workshops.

Comfortable atmosphere

You will find yourself in a lively and close-knit community of students and teachers.

Excellent job opportunities

Once you graduate, you can quickly find work as a teacher or arts educator.

Makers in front of the classroom

You already have it in you: you are creative, social and interested in the world around you. An all-rounder. At the Fine Art and Design in Education course, you will have every opportunity to develop your talents. We teach you to become a real connector. A committed teacher, who uses their craftsmanship to get the best out of others.

Learn to think by making 
During the Fine Art and Design in Education course you will develop your artistic abilities. That starts with 'making'. The workshops will introduce you to different techniques and materials. We also teach you to watch and reflect on what you do: you learn to think by making. In combination with the theoretical part which focuses on research, art history and art theory, you will have a solid basis of knowledge. You will learn how to convey this knowledge in the didactic parts of the course. In internships and projects all parts come together. 

Working with your passion 
Upon graduation, you will have a teaching qualification for all forms of education. You will have plenty of job opportunities as a schoolteacher. You can also get started in extracurricular education. For example in a festival organisation or museum. Or you will become an independent visual artist. This workfield ever-growing. With your creative, entrepreneurial and social skills, you can work with your passion: make, and teach others to make.

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