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Virtual tour ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design Arnhem

Curious what the inside of ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design Arnhem looks like? Would you like to experience the atmosphere in the workshops, studios, classrooms, canteen or media library? Visit the academy online! A tour at your own pace.

Virtual tour ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design Arnhem

How it works

You get a good idea of the facilities at Art & Design and a detailed insight into the rooms. Due to the high recording quality of the images, you can see a lot of detail: in the shop of location OK26, for example, you can see exactly which markers and colors of ecoline are available. Click your way through the buildings, or use the arrows for a smooth walk. Click on the dots for more information and filmed tours by students.

Visit Onderlangs 9 (Rietveld building & Middle building)

In the Rietveld building you can take a look at the various workshops, such as the Screen Printing, Graphic Art and Ceramics Workshop, where you can see students working on projects. Or look into a fashion drawing lesson from Fashion Design in a classroom. Creative Writing graduates have their home base in the Rietveld. 3D printers and VR glasses are shown in the Computer Workshop. In the Fashion Workshop, clothing designs are prepared. In the Photography Workshop there are photo shoots by Graphic Design students. You can also see what you can do in the Soft- and Hardware Lab of Design Art Technology and what is for sale in the Paper shop.

In the Middle building you pass the Service Point, where you can go for technical and practical questions, as well as the extensive Multimedia Library with rows of books and magazines, a lounge area and workstations.


Visit Oude Kraan 26 (OK26)

In OK26 you can see students at work on an ordinary school day. Take a look around this building, where you see the BEAR Fine Art studios, full of sketches. Or drop by a Product Design shoe design workshop in the Leather Workshop. There is lots of student work in the Wood Workshop. Also in the Metal Workshop and Digital Workshop you get an idea of the richness of equipment that you can use. In the AV Studio you can see students at work with the green screen and a recording set for stop motion animation.


Visit Oude Kraan 74 (OK74)

In OK74 you can see a room for painting classes and a big space for exhibitions and experimenting with work. BEAR Fine Art students work here a lot. This building is also the home base of the Fine Art and Design in Education department.


Workshops tours by students

You can watch short videos in every workshop. Students give you a short tour and tell you all about the facilities in the workshop. It’s as if you walk around there in real life and students take you by the hand through the academy.

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