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Vanhove & van der Schaaf Installatietechniek, photo by Zaid Al-Lozi

BEAR Fine Art

Vanhove & van der Schaaf Installatietechniek, photo by Zaid Al-Lozi
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full time
  • English
  • Arnhem

The Bachelor of BEAR Fine Art: Base for Experiment, Art and Research in Arnhem, is a place for experimentation at the heart of society; an international, dynamic community in which everyone learns from each other. 

BEAR Fine Art

In brief

  • Internationally oriented course in fine art

  • You study art in a tutorial group in which students of all years work together in a dynamic, ambitious and inquisitive environment

  • Your teachers are internationally active artists, art critics and exhibitors

  • You have your own studio amidst fellow students and work with experts in multidisciplinary workshops

  • You are part of a community that is actively involved in the current debate and challenges you to take a stand

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Top course in fine art

You probably wanted to be an artist for as long as you can remember. The Bachelor of Fine Art in Arnhem is the start of your new adventure. An adventure that questions and changes all your assumptions about art and about yourself. The internationally oriented BEAR (Base for Experiment, Art and Research) course offers you a place to experiment at the heart of society and contemporary art practice.

Art shapes the world and how we see it. Conversely, art is shaped by our surroundings and by the lens we look through. Art does not exist in a vacuum, it is a living breathing ecosystem in a dynamic relationship with the environment. In the BEAR Fine Art course in Arnhem, the art department forms a community. Together we push back the boundaries of creative possibilities. It is a community for life; a community that starts during your training and will continue to motivate you throughout your career to give context, meaning and value to the paths you pursue.

In BEAR you study in a tutorial group, together with students from all over the world, including exchange students. The Bachelor of BEAR Fine Art in Arnhem is taught in English, but a number of modules can also be taken in Dutch.

By the time you graduate, you will have developed into a visual artist with your own signature and be able to give your work and the world meaning and relevance.

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Fine Art is also available in Enschede.

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Curious what the inside of ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design Arnhem looks like? Would you like to experience the atmosphere in the workshops, studios, classrooms, canteen or media library? Visit the academy online! A tour at your own pace.

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