Music Therapy

After graduation

"Music therapy helps children by working on self-confidence, concentration and social skills."

Mirte de Groot en Anna-Maria Hamed-Hoppe
Former students

After graduation

Upon successful completion of the Music Therapy course you will have the title Bachelor of Music Therapy and can begin work as a certified music therapist. You can work in mental healthcare, youth welfare, rehabilitation centres, in education, as a coach in the business world or start your own practice.

Increasing demand for Music Therapists

The demand for music therapists is growing, partly due to the apparent success of music therapy, particularly with age-related diseases such as dementia. Most students already find a job during their graduation year. Fifty per cent of graduates are employed as a music therapist within a year.

“Connect By Music means being together. It changed a big part of my life because the project became very dear to me.”

Lore Smits studied music therapy at the ArtEZ Music Academy in Enschede. After graduating, she decided to develop herself further by doing a post graduate degree in sustainable development. She chose to spend her five-month internship with Connect by Music. Lore was one of the first music therapists who started working with the Connect by Music team, this gave her the opportunity to add therapeutic elements to the music program. This was a challenge she gladly accepted as she saw the positive effect that music has on the children. After she finished her internship, CBM asked Lore to return to CBM as Head of Music Therapy. Read more about Lore and her work on Lesbos

Own business

The services ArtEZ offers its graduates include starter guidance in setting up their own business.

Further study

More challenges? The ArtEZ Master Music Therapy offers this possibility. This English-language master is offered in a 1-year full-time and a 2-year part-time variant.

Graduate training

Music Therapy at ArtEZ regularly organises basic and fellowship training courses in Neurological Music Therapy (NMT). The graduate training for orthopedagogical music therapist (OPMT) is accredited by the SRVB. This is now also available for music therapists and creative therapists for certification and training.