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Music Therapy
Mount Sinai Hospital NICU Photo by Robert Caplin

Music Therapy

Mount Sinai Hospital NICU Photo by Robert Caplin
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Enschede

Want to become a music therapist or coach? Discover the only Bachelor's in Music Therapy given at a conservatory.

Music Therapy

In brief

  • Music Therapy: rated as a Top Course in the Dutch study choice guide each year!
  • Small-scale, personal and with room for developing your own ideas.
  • Focused not only on therapy, but also on musical growth (part of Academy of Music).
  • Unique specialisation option in the form of Neurological Music Therapy.
  • Focused on scientific evidence and research.
  • Lecturers have both feet firmly planted in the professional field.
  • Good employment prospects.

After graduating, you can practise as a certified music therapist. Or you can work as a coach in the business community or in music education projects.

Music preparatory programme

ArtEZ has several preparatory programmes in preparation for the bachelor of Music. Click here to see the possibilities.

As a basis for the bachelor MediaMusic or Composing for Film, you may attend to the external preparatory programme Film Scoring and Production at the Musicube Academy in Bonn.

Music Contract Education

Part of the curriculum of the programmes can be followed through contract education. Following and completing a course or course component can lead to a study completion statement or certificate. As a contract student you can use the same facilities as regular students. Registration is possible throughout the year.