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Music Therapy
Mount Sinai Hospital NICU Photo by Robert Caplin

Music Therapy

Mount Sinai Hospital NICU Photo by Robert Caplin
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
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Learn how you can help people with music in Music Therapy. As a fully-qualified musician and therapist, you can use your talents for therapy, lessons or projects.

Music Therapy

In brief

  • The only music therapy course at a music academy. Including specialisation in neurological music therapy
  • Music therapy is heartwork. Committed students use their passion for music to help people
  • You are a therapist and a musician. Your course at the academy of music will enable you to practise the profession to the best possible effect with the fewest possible musical limitations
  • Learn to work based on your passion and interest
  • Internships and working in practice from the first year and for the rest of the course
  • A strong focus on reflection to give you a strong grounding as a therapist
  • Opportunities to do free projects and work abroad in the fourth year
  • Growing demand for music therapists in healthcare

Helping people as a musician

Our motto is: Music therapy is heartwork. Music therapy combines head and heart. We believe that a music therapist should be a competent musician, which is why you will be taking this course at the ArtEZ academy of music. At the same time, the course requires commitment from you as a student. You are someone who wants to investigate and explore how your knowledge and skills can contribute to the development and health of people, groups and organisations.

From the first year, you will start working in practice and learn what is demanded of a music therapist in the professional field. During your course, you will learn to apply music in a specialist manner for the sake of people’s development, for treatment, for support or for prevention. Because that always calls for a tailor-made approach, you will learn to judge how, why and when to use music. Which is where being a trained musician comes in handy.

Ultimately, you will choose a profile that is focused on therapy, teaching or in which you learn to set up your own projects As a result, you will have many options after completing the music therapy course. Many graduates choose a combination of different activities.

There are graduation specialisations:

  • Neurological music therapy
  • Music therapy in mental healthcare
  • Orthopedagogical music therapist
  • Free profile