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Product Design

  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • English
  • Arnhem

For imaginative adventurers, entrepreneurial makers and ambitious inventors, there is the Product Design course. This practice and process-based higher professional (HBO) design course trains you to be an innovative product designer who develops products for the world of tomorrow.

Product Design

Why choose Product Design in Arnhem?

Suits you

Depending on your dreams and talents, you'll get to focus on the products you want to design: wearables (around the body), liveables (for the space around you) and useables (based on materials innovation and production process).

Getting to know the professional field

Whilst on the course, you will come into contact with the national/international professional field by learning to design for it and because your lecturers and guest lecturers are active in it.

Good supervision

We want you to feel at home here as an international student. Which is why you will receive extra guidance from a study career coach.


You will have the opportunity to work in superbly equipped workshops and studios for woodwork, metalwork, vacuum plastic, prototypes, scanning, milling and more.

Staying stimulated

You'll work on innovative assignments that you can pour all your creativity into and get the chance to do unique internships.

International opportunities

You will become a professional in the vanguard of the international design world. About 50% of our alumni are working in an international context within one year of graduation.

Our practice- and process-oriented design course delivers professionals at the forefront of the international design world."

Groundbreaking product design for the future

Are you curious about how people live, how they work, how they are housed and how they shape the future? Good. Because understanding materials and designs and giving them new meaning starts with being curious – curious about the situation, about the quality and properties of materials, but also about the people you are designing for, about history and about the future. At Product Design, you combine your design ambitions with an experimental and worldwide perspective. We challenge you to push back the boundaries of what you can dream, think and make. 

Important characteristics of the programme are personal coaching to help you raise the level of your ambitions and achieve them, active interdisciplinary collaboration and close links with the national/international professional field.

After graduation, you will be entitled to use the title of Bachelor of Arts (BA) and you will be able to work as a product designer for a lab, studio, label or company at home or abroad. You can also start your own design agency.

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My dream is to build a place and set up a community for creatives. At Product Design, dreams are taken seriously."
Anna Bolt, student

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