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Jonathan van Loon

Graphic Design

Jonathan van Loon
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • English
  • Arnhem

The internationally-oriented Bachelor Graphic Design Arnhem (GDA) provides a learning environment for students to develop creative skills and acquire critical knowledge, contributing to new vantage points on–, through- and with- graphic design.

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Graphic Design

In brief

  • Strong emphasis on experimental ideation and conceptual research processes
  • The curriculum provides plenty of scope to explore individual aspirations and ambitions in emergent fields and critical practices
  • An internationally recognised department with award-winning students and lauded alumni
  • Taught by high profile, multi-disciplinary tutors
  • State-of-the-art facilities and well-equipped workshops

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Showreel design & produced by Brian Hermelijn and Eunju Park.

An innovative, critical and future–facing study programme 

To be future-facing can come in many guises. Graphic Design is a practice, a theory and field in continuous flux; audiences, evolving technologies and communication platforms blur its boundaries and urges designers to reset position and perspective – often at an exhilarating speed.

The bachelor in Graphic Design is a four-year programme that creates space for students with a high motivation for learning to thrive. GDA students examine emergent social, political and environmental issues and engage with complex ethical matters through various graphic design perspectives during their studies. The course provides opportunities to excel in subjects such as Type & Typography, Design Research, Experiment & Motion, Interactive Media and Design Theory. GDA students become strong subject specialists but are also adaptable, empathetic to other perspectives.  

There is a strong emphasis on individualism as well as being able to thrive in collaborative and unconventional contexts. The student’s learning experience is central to all decision-making within the department. Cohesion, fluidity, parity and unity amongst the various classes, students and tutors is key and with that GDA continuously invests in didactic practices and research.

GDA alumni excel in their professional careers through outstanding conceptual, analytical and visual abilities and solid knowledge of the graphic design field. They are able to make their practices resilient and responsive, working in various environments in collaboration with- and for- numerous employers.

You can also take the bachelor Graphic Design in Zwolle.

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