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Design Art Technology

  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • English
  • Arnhem

Do you like the idea of using technology as an artistic medium or for applied designs? Would you like to work as a designer or artist in the digital domain? If so, Design Art Technology is the course for you. Design Art Technology challenges you to combine your technical insight with the artistry of designing. 

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Design Art Technology

Why choose Design Art Technology in Arnhem?

Artist or designer

Following a thorough theoretical and practical grounding, there is space to develop your personal profile: artist or designer within digital culture

Learn from professionals

An international team of leading lecturers from the professional field, which means they are up to date on relevant developments in the discipline

Practice-based course

Joint projects which the department looks forward to all year. Discover the latest theory and developments within design, art and technology

Excellent facilities

There is lots of room for experimentation and research in our software and hardware lab and other workshops

Trips and internships

Unique study trips and opportunity to do an internship abroad

Nice vibes

Small-scale course with a lot of personal contact

Design and Fine Art, with technology as a connecting factor 

Discover the Design Art Technology course at the Design Department in Arnhem, with specializations in Information Design and Digital Audio-Visual Design. Design Art Technology challenges you to combine your technical knowledge with the artistry of design. The course provides a healthy learning environment that encourages you to follow your own path within the ever-expanding field, forming a solid start for your professional career.

Graduates of the bachelor Design Art Technology are self-reliant, artistic-critical designers who are able to independently create applied work with the help of technology. After graduation, you are entitled to use the title of Bachelor of Arts and start working as a creative coder or start your own business as an interdisciplinary artist. You will learn to think critically about how you design and how you can use this for/in society in order to make a difference.

You don’t have to have any technical skills when you start this course. I didn’t, and I was quite worried about it to start with, but the lecturers help you learn them.

Are you interested in exploring the true artistic qualities of your smartphone? Do you have absolutely no experience with coding but are you still very curious to learn how to use artificial intelligence as a medium for expression? Are you predominantly interested in contemporary visual culture but fascinated with the idea of learning among students who lean more towards the technical or the performative end of our department’s spectrum?

Over the past four years, I’ve learned more than I ever imagined when I went to the academy. Many of the lessons I learned were specialised. I learned to convey my own fascinations and thoughts through design and developed my own way of working and method in which I can tell my stories. By being constantly challenged, the academy asked the utmost of me.


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