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finals 2023, Lisa Bakker

Graphic Design

finals 2023, Lisa Bakker
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Zwolle

Are you curious and enquiring and do you think it is important to make a statement? If so, Graphic Design is for you! Choosing Graphic Design in Zwolle means opting for personal supervision and retaining your individuality. 

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Graphic Design

Why should you choose Graphic Design in Zwolle?

Meaningful design

How can you use your talent and interests to benefit society? Learn how to work with societal subjects.

Nice work atmosphere

Our students describe the course’s work atmosphere as involved and comfortable.

Outstanding facilities

Make work in your own studios and learn about materials and techniques in fully equipped workshops.

Interdisciplinary & international

Work together with students from other disciplines in joint projects and go on international study excursions.

Off to a flying start

Get to know the field during your studies during active meetings with alumni.

Excellent job opportunities

Graduates find a job within the professional field in 1 to 2 years.

Your own vision, your own visual language

Graphic design is everywhere. Nearly everything you see was once designed by somebody. From book covers to posters. From the apps on your phone to the five euro note and street signage.Thanks to the development from newspapers, TV and magazines to the web, apps and social media, graphic design as a discipline continues to grow.

Do you want to have a hand in what tomorrow's world looks like?Would you rather come up with something new than follow trends?If so, the Graphic Design bachelor course is for you! Learning to work independently is a hallmark of the course.With as much personal, one-to-one supervision as possible, we train you to be an authentic designer with your own signature. The students who graduate here after four years are capable of designing based on their own vision in a visual language they have developed themselves. They work freelance or for design agencies, or initiate their own projects in the creative industries. 

You can also take Graphic Design in English at the ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design in Arnhem. 


The role of graphic design as a subject is to enable you to move in your own direction. Away from the mainstream. Always in the hope of being able to influence it.
Marijke Meester, Head of Graphic Design 

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