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'Troosttaal' - essay Fetsje Anema - Finals 2020

Education in Arts

'Troosttaal' - essay Fetsje Anema - Finals 2020
  • Master's
  • 2 years, part-time
  • Dutch
  • Zwolle

Art can change the world. We learn with and through art to change our world. Education requires artisteducators to become agents of change. At the Master Education in Arts (Kunsteducatie) we believe art has the potential to make significant changes to how we human beings view and interact with our world.

Education in Arts

In brief

  • Conducting arts-based research through the combination of practice and theory
  • Develop your artistic skills alongside social and educational theory
  • Interdisciplinary, interactive, creative and supportive learning community
  • Taught by national and international experts in the field of arts education and socially engaged practice
  • Experiential learning through study research trips in the Netherlands and other European contexts including Brussels and Northern Ireland
  • 2-year part-time practice- and studio-based programme with one course day per week (Monday)
  • Study load of approximately 20 hours per week, including the course day
  • Personal tutorship to support you reaching your fullest potential
  • Fully accredited and recognised by the DUO teacher training grant

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I went from being an artist who makes things, to being an artist who makes things happen.
JEREMY DELLER, British artist

Artisteducator – one word, multiple identities, endless possibilities

An artisteducator aims to provoke action that will initiate change. By definition, an artisteducator works with others in collaboration with target groups, children, adults and communities.  But an artisteducator is above all also an artist who sees their artistic work and education work as one and the same.

Artisteducators display both empathy and criticality, which is crucial for (self-)reflection and personal development.  They are able to create the safe space in which a person dares to explore their own identities and in doing so invite interaction with the unknown. They use their imagination and artistic forms to build connections from their own urgencies and interests into the world.  Artisteducators promote equality and mutual respect through democratic education and dialogue.

The roles of educator, artist and researcher are inextricably linked: they affirm and complement each other. The Master Education in Arts (Kunsteducatie) is a continuous balance between direct engagement and distance, between forward vision and past reflection, between wanting to grasp and understand – and consciously daring to go beyond what they already know.

Things have been set in motion by my actions. Not always in the making, but in thinking and reflecting on makership.
SILVIA ARDESCH, master student

Stronger in your role as artisteducator

The ArtEZ master's degree Education in Arts (Kunsteducatie) offers students an inspiring place to grow, in an interdisciplinary supportive community of lecturers and guest lecturers, tutors and partners from the national and international field, who are in constant dialogue with one another.

You will conduct field research in an area of your own interests and choosing. Besides, you follow lectures and seminars focused on cultural studies, pedagogy, didactics and identity studies and of course contemporary art.  Once graduated, you will have acquired skills, knowledge and attributes in arts-based research, academic writing, project development and realisation, educational theory and radical pedagogies. You will have produced your own unique artisteducator signature and tried, tested and proved your own research methods related to artistic practice.  In short, you will be a highly trained professional in the field of arts-based research, equipped as a researcher. You will have the inspiration, the knowledge and the right tools to deepen your working practice and your professional position as an artisteducator.

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