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Work by Peer Evers, alumnus Master's Education in Arts

Education in Arts

Work by Peer Evers, alumnus Master's Education in Arts
  • Master's
  • 2 years, part-time
  • Dutch
  • Zwolle

As an artisteducator, you offer people a broader perspective: on themselves, on society and on the professional field. With the part-time master’s course Education in Arts, you are challenged take a critical look at your position as an artisteducator, and deepen your professional position as an artisteducator.

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Education in Arts

Why choose the master's course Education in Arts?

Be empowered in your role as artisteducator

You will rediscover your position as an artisteducator and expand the field of education in arts with renewed relevance.

Artistic research

You will do Arts-Based Research and learn how to use different research methods to explore and answer an issue from different perspectives.

Social Impact

The practice-oriented, socially engaged curriculum of this master's course challenges you to link your own interests and expertise to social issues.

Interdisciplinary learning community

You will be part of a learning community that encompasses a rich collection of backgrounds, expertise and artistic disciplines.

Synergy of theory and practice

Theory and practice are permanently connected. With the theoretical knowledge you gain, you will strengthen your position in practice and solidify your role as artisteducator.

Recognised by the DUO Teacher Scholarship Lerarenbeurs)

If you are a qualified (art) teacher and want to follow this master's course, you are eligible for the DUO Teacher Scholarship (DUO Lerarenbeurs).

Artisteducator – one word, multiple identities, endless possibilities

In this master’s course, the roles of educator, artist and researcher are inextricably linked: they affirm and complement each other. The master’s course Education in Arts helps you to balance between direct engagement and distance, between forward vision and past reflection, between wanting to grasp and understand – and consciously daring to go beyond what they already know.

Things have been set in motion by my actions. Not always in the making, but in thinking and reflecting on makership."
SILVIA ARDESCH, alumnus master's course Education in Arts

Empowered in your role as an artisteducator

The master's course Education in Arts offers you an inspiring place to grow, in an interdisciplinary supportive community of lecturers and guest lecturers, tutors and partners from the national and international field cultural studies, critical pedagogy, Arts-Based Research and (educational) philosophy. You develop as an agent of change, and are (even) more empowered in your role as an artisteducator.

Wondering what to expect as a master's student? In this video, arts education alumnus Zoë van Huit talks about how she experienced the master's course, and gives an behind-the-scenes look at her graduation process.

The master's course has been accredited by the NVAO and is thus included in the Master’s Guide 2023. The master's course Education in Arts receive particularly high ratings for atmosphere, teachers and assessment.