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atelies 4e jaars1
atelies 4e jaars1 4th year students in ateliers Illustration Design

Illustration Design

4th year students in ateliers Illustration Design
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full time
  • Dutch
  • Zwolle

The Bachelor in Illustration Design in Zwolle trains unconventional illustrators to look at the world with an open and engaged gaze. As an illustrator, you enrich the world with new stories and meanings.

Illustration Design

In brief

  • Trains image makers who are familiar with every aspect of the profession
  • Trains unconventional illustrators who relate in an open and engaged way to the rapidly changing world
  • Gives the student great scope for their Individual Investigation
  • Attaches great value to the communicative power of image with your own source as inspiration
  • Places a strong emphasis on the autonomy of the maker

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Developments in Illustration Design

The world and thus the professional field of Illustration are constantly changing. In terms of innovation and collaboration options, as well as in daily practice. The daily practice in which the illustrator also moves in the world of animation, comic and graphic design as well as theatre, photography, game design, teaching, interactive design, writing or the free arts.

Illustration Design Zwolle therefore consciously chooses not to provide a strict list of definitions relating to Illustration. This is because of our conviction that the profession cannot be described in universally relevant words. In Illustration Design, however, the old values of the profession are key: telling stories, the tradition and creation of authentic image.

The illustrator is expected to be highly independent and take personal responsibility in professional practice to generate their own work. To do this, a realistic self-image of yourself as a maker, your own vision of the profession and your own signature are essential. Furthermore, the ability to collaborate, a flexible and open attitude to work, perseverance, communicative skills, courage and the ability to plan your work well are all important skills to keep yourself afloat in the work field.

Many illustrators start their own business after graduation. They work independently on assignments or as author of their own work. Clients might include: advertising agencies, design companies, newspapers, publishers, writers, magazines or the digital field. Your own work can be exhibited and sold in galleries, shops and webshops.

Individual Investigation

Illustration Design offers plenty of time and scope for Individual Investigation. This investigation provides insight into the professional field and into your own talents and (media) preferences. This ends in the final exam, in which you show in your graduation project, internship and dissertation who you are, what you make and what you stand for.

Autonomy of the maker

We feel it is important that your work is based on your own experience and view. We want you to become an illustrator with your own specific visual style and we give you every opportunity to do so. When elaborating a question or project, your own experience and view always form the basis. To make genuine and authentic images and stories, your imagination and associative ability is important. This is also encouraged during the course. This focus on uniqueness makes it easier for the future illustrator to initiate their own projects, but certainly does not stand in the way of working on commissions.

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