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Animation Design

  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full time
  • Dutch
  • Zwolle

The Animation Design course teaches you to develop a film from A to Z as a storyteller, illustrator, storyboarder, animator and director. As an animator, tell a story that has real impact and let your imagination come to life!

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Animation Design

Why should you choose Animation Design in Zwolle?

Discover your style

By drawing and creating a lot both by hand and using digital techniques, you will develop your own way of seeing and telling things.

Personal workspace at school

Make use of the well-equipped animation studios. Facilities such as: stop-motion, green screen, editing suites, a sound recording studio, small animation tables for cell animation and digital drawing studios.

Telling stories

You will be able to develop an animation film from A to Z, and you learn how to use animation techniques to bring characters to life.

Broadly applicable

Learn all the skills you need to become a versatile artist who can make animated films on your own.

Interdisciplinary projects

Together with students from other courses and disciplines, you will work on cool projects.

Growing market

Job opportunities in the animation and film industry are very high. From directing and authoring to animation and film.

Telling and imagining with meaning

During the Animation Design course in Zwolle, you will develop a personal way of storytelling in a cinematic style. You will learn to visually create a story that has meaning.
You will develop ideas into animation films with self-chosen content (shorts), journalistic stories and informative items. You will be both a director and a professional animation filmmaker, so you will learn how to produce animation films from A to Z. You develop skills such as scriptwriting, moving storyboards and animation.
After studying Animation Design in Zwolle, your options include working as an independent animator (shorts), or at a studio, where you can also work on a long film or series.