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Finals work Jonathan Arkema

Animation Design

Finals work Jonathan Arkema
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full time
  • Dutch
  • Zwolle

As an animator, tell a meaningful story and let your imagination come to life! At Animation Design, you will be trained to become an independent animator capable of carrying entire film production.

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Animation Design

Why should you choose Animation Design in Zwolle?

Learn about storytelling

Animation starts with a story that moves you: learn how to tell a meaningful story.

Personal workspace at school

Make use of the well-equipped studios and the workshop that you share with your fellow students.

Bring your imagination to life

Learn how to make objects and figures move expressively and organically.

Broadly applicable

Learn all the skills you need to become a versatile artist who can make a film fully on their own.

Interdisciplinary projects

Be inspired by collaborations with students from other disciplines such as theatre, music and creative writing.

Growing market

Animation studios are popping up everywhere! There are plenty of job opportunities, for example, in the gaming industry and creative services.

Storytelling is key

An animator is a storyteller who brings a story to life in film. During the Animation Design course in Zwolle, you develop your own personal storytelling method. What are the stories that move us? When does an image acquire meaning for us? What remains fleeting? And how do you make a meaningful story? 
You develop ideas into stories, journalistic items and informative products. You are an author as well as a professional maker. This results in applied productions, such as commercials, user instructions, banners, informative items and animation films with your own chosen content. You learn to use the professional process to produce animation films. You develop subproducts, such as the scenario, characters, the storyboard and the moving storyboard. 
After graduating in Animation Design in Zwolle, you can work as an independent animator or for an agency.