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Fine Art and Design in Education Zwolle part-time

  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, part-time
  • Dutch
  • Zwolle

What questions move you? Which fields of interest are current in Fine Art education? Become a teacher and a visual artist with the four-year ArtEZ bachelor Fine Art and Design in Education part-time in Zwolle.

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Fine Art and Design in Education Zwolle part-time

Why choose the part-time Fine Art and Design in Education course?

Best of both worlds

Become a visual artist with a teaching qualification for all types of education, in- and out-of-school.

Plenty of challenges

In 2 teaching days a week, develop your own creativity and teach others to develop theirs.

Well-equipped facilities

Familiarise yourself with infinite possibilities of materials and techniques in our well-equipped workshops.

Personal and professional growth

Discover your vision and talent. What place do you want to occupy in the professional field?

Practical learning

Get to know all facets of teaching through various types of internships.

Excellent job opportunities

With your new teaching qualification, you can quickly start work as a teacher and arts educator.

Dive into the world of the imagination

Over two teaching days a week, the four-year part-time course Fine Art and Design in Education Zwolle will train you to become an expert, inspiring and committed teacher who helps others develop their talents, follows innovations in the subject, is enterprising and is also visually and artistically skilled.

Important areas of emphasis within our intensive course curriculum are:

  • Focus on the connection between visual arts, people and society ('Human Matters');
  • Thinking through making. On this course, theory of art and culture go hand in hand with making; that adds insight and meaning to what you make.

After the course, you may use the title Bachelor of Education (BEd) and you will have a first-degree teaching qualification for the entire gamut of formal education, from primary to higher vocational. This means you can work as a teacher in mainstream education, whether or not combined with a practice as an artist or designer. You can also start your own business in intramural and extramural art education.

The Fine Art and Design in Education course in Zwolle can also be followed full-time. For graduate artists and designers, there is the Tailor-Made Visual Arts and Design in Education course (duration: two years). You can also follow the Fine Art and Design in Education course in Arnhem (full-time, part-time and Tailor-Made options).