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Professorship for Art education as Critical Tactics
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Research group

Research group

The Professorship Art education as Critical Tactics research group works closely together with an extensive knowledge circle.

Collaboration partners

The professorship also comprises a large network of freelance researchers and designers active in various segments and works closely with the Fine Art and Design, Dance, Theatre and Music in Education programmes at ArtEZ University of the Arts.

The professorship also works with external local, regional, national partners, as well as international partners specialised in the area of arts and cultural education. A great new step of the research group is that Jeroen Lutters, John Johnston and researcher Fabiola Camuti have initiated an AeCT network group within the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis - ASCA (UvA) within which two of our researchers are working on their PhD: Olga Potters with supervisor Prof. dr. Joke Voogt and Joanne Dijkman with supervisor Prof. dr. Dr. René Boomkens.