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Professorship for Art education as Critical Tactics
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This vision of the Professorship for Art education as Critical Tactics is informed by three critical provocations to the future of art education in the context of changing forms, formats and functions of learning.

  1. It proposes a radical re-thinking of the matrices of learning and education, moving from competences and assessments, to impact and relevance, for a next generation of (leading) learners.

    Taking creativity as a point of departure and questioning of the empiricism driven dehumanized structures of education measurement, it produces a critical manifest of the ethical and critical responsibility towards imagining resilient futures.

  2. It questions the institutional locations of learning, often founded in traditional formal settings, in order to extend the relevance and remit of art education.

    It is committed to creating new (non)institutional structures that make strategic/tactical interventions possible to construct infrastructure, processes, and practices that support the idea of art practitioners and educators as agents of change for equitable societies.

  3. It formulates future (art) educational narratives/scenario’s, by extending the vocabulary of artistic and design practices in interaction with multiple stakeholders in different disciplines, sectors, geographies and contexts to create a living lexicon of what art can mean, do, and think in our everyday life.

    Identifying the contemporary moment as precarious, transitional, and contingent, it opens up a series of collaborative hubs, studio’s and lab’s, with collaborative stakeholders to develop direct intervention tactics informed by critical diversity.

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