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Tailor-Made Music in Education



During the Music in Education course, you are taught by excellent teachers who are also actively in involved in the practice of music.

Various teachers have made a name for themselves with new teaching methods and national initiatives:   

  • Several teachers, students and former teachers are/were part of the BeatsNbits team, a web-based Internet music method for secondary education: Leon Vliegen, Michel Berendsen, Joost Niekus  
  • Frans Haverkort is the author of famous national music education publications like Eigen-wijs Digitaal, the song compilation Eigen-wijs and Kleuter-wijs and the handbook Muziek Meester! for primary school teaching courses
  • Mariska van der Vaart is the author of the book and website Duurzaam Muziekonderwijs [Sustainable Music Education] for students and teachers of music and is part of the editing team of the national specialist journal Kunstzone
  • Hilje van der Vliet is an oboist with the Residentie Orchestra, where she also provides educational programmes in primary and secondary schools. She also teaches music at a Pre-University school complex

Guest lecturers 
You will regularly have lectures from guest lecturers, for example authors of musical education works, employees from educational support organisations, music teachers from the work field or music therapists.  

We have an internship network consisting of contacts in primary, secondary, professional and special education. We also have contacts with various music schools, amateur choirs and amateur orchestras. That makes it easier for you to find a good internship. Some examples: 

  • Stadkamer in Zwolle 
  • The educational department of Phion 
  • Kunsteducatie Nederland 
  • De Zwolse Muziekschool 
  • Poppodium Hedon