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Finals Tailor-Made BA Music in Education: Music skills we forget

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“Music is a serious discipline and it’s important that students get taught this subject. But often music is taught in a way that only revolves around students having fun. I’d like to shift the direction a bit. I want to show the skills that you need when you practise music, such as the ability to listen to each other and to reflect," says Jeroen Nielen. Jeroen has completed the bachelor's course Tailor-Made BA Music in Education at the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Zwolle, and in the video below we hear him talk about his graduation project.

Jeroen Nielen, graduate from the bachelor's course Tailor-Made BA Music in Education at the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Zwolle

Jeroen developed a tool with which you can clearly assess students and evaluate learning processes. It allows students and teachers to reflect and see what they can do better.

Before this course, Jeroen took the Academy of Pop Music bachelor's course at the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Enschede. He wanted to continue to study because he felt that there’s more to learn. “During an internship, I got to work with teenagers a lot, and I thought that it was a fun group to work with. So, I decided to do the Tailor-Made BA Music in Education course to eventually start teaching,” he explains. Now, he’s at the end of his second course at ArtEZ. Before Jeroen started his research for his current finals project, he had had a lot of ideas. He found it valuable to receive guidance from his teachers at ArtEZ, who helped him make the right choices. The classes he attended also helped him think about what’s important for his research.

Upon graduation, Jeroen wants to keep working at the same school where he is working now. Next year, he’ll take on another role: he’ll become a mentor. His plan is to eventually help guide high school students with their final exams in music. “There’s always going to be something in education that I’ll find interesting or that I haven’t done before. So, I’m sure there will be lots of things to explore. I’ll also keep making music in addition to teaching.”

A curriculum tailored to meet your needs

The bachelor’s course Tailor-Made BA Music in Education in Zwolle is an abridged version of the four-year Music in Education course. It is perfect for you if you’re a musician with a degree from an academy of music or a degree in General Music Education. It’s also an option for you if you have a teaching training degree. You’re trained to become a musician, teacher, and entrepreneur in music education. Your learning path is the focus, and you get a curriculum that is tailored to meet your needs. You have classes one day a week, which makes this course easy to combine with a job or an internship. After you graduate, you can work in music education both within as well as outside schools.

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